Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale April 2023 (Season 46)

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Why change the first hit time of the archers? Just make their hit speed 1 second , 1.1 sec is bad and 0.9 sec is too good.


If the Mega Minion is getting a Buff then there is no need for a phoenix nerf. Just wait to see how the mega minion buff affects the usage of phoenix. And maybe add the phoenix nerf with the next balance change if the mega minion still can’t compete against the phoenix.

Mighty miner and goblins are incredibly broken. They dominate top ladder and always get value.


That archer nerf is too severe , your gonna make them worse than pre-buff archers

Nerf Mighty Miner , egiant, archers and the phoenix is alright how it is, wall breakers do way to much damage for just 2 elixer


Where is tornado nerf?? It’s super broken and popular in top ladder.

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Wizard will never get a buff :skull_and_crossbones:


Tesla is too weak, it needs a bit more damage

The rascals are too far apart, the second girls will walk way from certain interactions now, 2.5 tiles would be best.

Phoenix needs a nerf more than egiant, it’s still dominating the meta as argubly the best air card. It’s not like the nerf is big or something, it’s still gonna kill spears.

And egiant doesn’t needs a nerf, it’s balanced and mb even bad, too easy to stop for a positive trade. Egiant decl only strong because of gk nado and that’s getting nerfed.

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Phoenix is still dominating and the nerf barely changes something. It’s still gonna kill spears.

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I really DISAGREE HARDLY with the Phoenix nerf, the card is okay right now and doesn’t deserve any nerf again! Please don’t make the update worse, Supercell! :rage:

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the archer’s nerf should just be 1 second hit speed, they were meant to be a reactionary card.

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I feel making Mega Minions faster hit speed makes him lose a part of it’s personality, a slow quite fragile flying troop that deals high damage slowly. I think a simple high damage up [like +25% or so] makes more sense for him, also to make him less lika a Phoenix.

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Here are my stupid thoughts on the new WIP balance changes in detail. What am I supposed to do on a Tuesday afternoon? Touch grass?

Rascals: I think this massive buff will drastically help them in the newer metas and increase their use and win rates to be a somewhat balanced card. Especially against cards with splash damage. Great change!

Furnace: I like this change to the Furnace, it makes it easier to counter with spells such as Fireball, yet makes it a greater threat when left completely alone. it will be very interesting how it performs after this rework goes live. Good change!

Mega Minion: I’m all for buffing the Mega Minion to make it coincide with Phoenix, but this buff is absolutely ridiculous! A -0.3 seconds hitspeed buff would 100% make it overpowered and make the card definitely unfun to play against. Instead, I would opt for a -0.1 or 0.2 hitspeed buff. This change wouldn’t be so overbearing but still make the Mega Minion better in certain scenarios than the Phoenix would. Bad change, but could be fixed to be better.

Spear Goblins: This change seems a little weak for a buff, but can be validated due to Goblin Hut and we all know we don’t want another annoying spawner meta. Plus, Goblin Giant is technically getting a buff and I have bias. Good change, I guess.

Archers: This is 100% well deserved! Archers have been dominant in the game for 2 months now and I think making the first hitspeed much longer will help with them with becoming a solid b tier card for the time being. If it still isn’t enough, just nerf the damage. Great change!

Miner: I don’t really know about this change. Between B-Rad getting depressed when he finds out about this and Miner not really being the card that carries the cycle decks, I wouldn’t nerf it. Nor would I buff it. In my opinion, the Archers, Goblins, Bomb Tower and Poison have been the ones aiding in making Miner cycle decks so prevalent. If I were to be the one balancing, I would nerf the Poison instead. Maybe slow effect 15% → 10%? Potentially a bad change?

Golden Knight: If you watch Juicy J, you know how I feel about the Golden Knight’s dash. This one nerf made my entire day. AMAZING CHANGE!

Phoenix: I think the Phoenix is still fairly oppressive in the meta with its 26% use rate and 55% win rate in GCs. So I think it’s a good idea to nerf it, but I would change the nerf to be Melee Range Long → Short. This makes the Mega Minion better at taking out Balloons while still letting the Phoenix have better DPS overall. (It also makes sense because the Phoenix has a tiny beak while the Mega Minion is literally throwing something.) This change would make the Phoenix and Mega Minion become kind of like the Mini Pekka and Prince. Both have the same function, but while Mini Pekka has a much shorter range, it has better DPS. Good change, but I would personally swap it with a different nerf.

Those were my thoughts on the new WIP balance changes, if you have other opinions to tell me, share them! The only way there will be good balance changes is if the community and Supercell work together to make Clash Royale balanced!


It just baffles me that the CR devs have lost so much interest in the community with their updates and now even in balance changes as well. Half of these changes nobody wants (Archers, Miner, Mega Minion)

Rascals are top 3 worst cards in the game and I miss when Egor would show off his Rascals Mortar Bait deck back in the og CRL days, any buff to them makes me happy.

Furnace rework is alright, it’s such an annoying card but Fire Spirit has become the worst spirit after all the nerfs, they need to find a way to make its range the same as the others (2 tiles > 2.5) without making Furnace more unbearable to go against, with Poison and EQ fully countering it though I think adjusting Fire Spirit to make it viable again wouldn’t make Furnace too oppressive. I’d even go as far as to say maybe changing it to be like the other spawners would be the best for it (2 spirits spawning at a time).

It’s funny that SC never learns, they increased Archers dps by 23% and they went from a bottom C tier card to top S tier overnight, now they want to buff Mega Minion’s dps by 22% and expect that it will be balanced? Truthfully Mega Minion is a little underwhelming but still fairly balanced and it was used before Phoenix became a better unit in every single way, I think at most a -0.2s hitspeed would be more than reasonable but to be fair just a -0.1s hitspeed would bring the shine and life back to that card like it had when it was first released. It’s such a nostalgic card and I don’t want it to be ruined again in 2 months.

The Spear Goblin change is very much welcomed, I’m a big personal fan of 2 elixir Spear Gobs they can get good value without being oppressive at all and I miss when they used to be more popular back when Hunter was a lot stronger.

The Archer rework is the biggest mistake on the list, we all remember when Musketeer got a 0.3s delay in her first attack speed and she went from the most used ranged card to very low tier, an entire 0.4s delay is insane and changes so many interactions while also NOT fixing the fact that their dps per Elixir is ridiculously high, personally I’ve been advocating for a range buff (just like the Spear Goblin change) or an hp buff so they can survive 3 Baby Drag/Skelie Drag fire burps instead of 2 (or both changes together even) but never a damage buff because I never felt like their damage was ever underwhelming for a 3 elixir card. However I think they would be a really strong card still at 1.0s hitspeed, so my suggestions would be to reduce their hitspeed to 1s and bring the first attack delay down to -0.1 instead of -0.4, or removing the hitspeed buff they got in the first place and giving them a 0.5 tile range increase with either a small hp or damage buff to make them much more versatile while not giving too much defensive value. I’m begging SC to not implement this change.

The Miner nerf is so sad to see and if I’m being 110% honest with myself it might be needed but I would rather they try reducing his damage even more by 5%-10% to crown towers, after all his hp is what makes him viable as a place-anywhere-you-want mini tank, we all love Miner and nobody wants to see him stuck in the dirt (no pun intended).

GK nerf is especially needed after the crazy buff/rework he got a while ago. Should definitely keep him in check more, his ability is the most cracked out of all the champions currently.

Phoenix nerf still won’t be enough to make it balanced but of course because SC wants to make Mega Minion op instead no one will realize it still needs another nerf after this change. The functions of the card are just so good for 4 elixir and the damage + hitspeed and hp combo is crazy good. Super strong card even after every nerf it has ever gotten, arguably the most op card in CR history.

I hope everyone including SC can read this with an honest perspective and open mind, so we don’t have to experience another oppressive meta with broken and/or underwhelming cards. Let’s find the right balance.


This is not the right way to nerf golden knight he is going to die again

Why are they nerfing miner? Miner isnt even the problem. Its 3 card cycle with champions. Goblins are already a hard counter to it since there’s 4 of them.