Where is the Gold in Clash Royale?

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I have a level 14 account and 91 max cards. At this point, is it better to accumulate gold or immediately max out before the introduction of the new level?

It’s hard to say without knowing what will change.

If current upgrade costs will be lowered, it would make sense to wait.

In any case, you should have time to act between the announcement and the actual update being released.

Thanks for your opinion. I think they will launch slash royale like last year and add the 50k gold for the new lvl 13.

Some feedback I have is can lvl 15 come out with this update without the new gameplay so everything in the game will have a lvl 14 cap or bellow e.x. party lvl 14 cap temporarily*, grand challenge lvl 11 cap, ladder level 14 cap etc. So the lvl 15 wont effect anyone anywhere but we wont have to overflow our magic items or put them into unneeded cards so we lots of players can have a fully lvl 15 deck when the update drops of the new gameplay with the lvl 14 cap removed so lvl 15 can be played, this allows many players f2p & pay to win to have some decks of lvl 15 cards when the q2-4 update drops so many can access the new lvl 15 gameplay.
I hope Clash Royale would consider this idea!

Say goodbye to clash royale lvl 15 is going to definitely kill the game mark my words. The game is almost death right now and with the new lvl chaoo chaoo. I am out thanks for thinking in your community over your finances well done :+1:t2::white_check_mark::raised_hands:t2:

One way to get gold, is, to trade your cards for cards that you already have maxed.

When you trade for a card you already have maxed, you can get gold from that, with commons giving you 1,250 gold, Rares giving you 2,500 gold, Epics giving you 5,000 gold, and Legendaries giving you 20,000 gold. If you have multiple accounts, you can give your mini accounts cards they need to upgrade their deck, and they can give you cards you already have maxed. I’ve been doing this for a while, and it’s actually pretty effective.

There’s been plenty of Reddit posts analyzing the Max Out time.

Math Royale Reddit post
May 2020 - 3.11 years to max out

An Updated Math Royale Reddit post
April 2021 - 2.80 years to max

Yet another Math Max Out Calculation Reddit post
July 2021 - just under 4 years

All those posts came before Level 14 and Champions were introduced.

Probably the most comprehensive post that actually first introduced the concept of Converted Gold to give a Gold value to cards and Magic Items is this July 2022 link below.

  • 5 years for the AVERAGE F2P to max out (856 hours of playtime)
  • realistically divides players between AVERAGE (6 GT wins), GOOD (10 GT wins), GREAT.
  • provides an ROI (Gold per hour played) for each source of Gold
  • time should be slightly less than 5 years b/c the dude didn’t factor Masteries and Maxed Stacks

This Feb 2023 RoyaleAPI blog posts makes very optimistic assumptions.

  • Players play 100% optimally
  • Players are insanely skilled (15 GT wins)
  • Players are already at King Level 14 at 7500 trophies
  • Doesn’t calculate the amount of time needed to earn all this Gold like the linked post above
    But all in all, I love the concept, the effort, and the high quality presentation alpe123 and RoyaleAPI.
    You guys are one of my favorite content creators for the Clash Royale community and do so much to disseminate information to the masses. Please keep up the good work!

Basically, the link above shows that the AVERAGE NON-LEVEL 14 F2P player will earn roughly 424,000 Gold per month, which requires 72 hours of play time, which is basically 10% of your life.

Yes, that’s true. Basically, our approach was to show how much gold there is available, as it’s not unlimited.

Of course, some categories are more time efficient than others, but accounting for that makes it quite more complex. The blog was already fairly long with the things we covered, so we tried to avoid even more stuff.

But those are good ideas, so we might include them in the future if we do more posts of this kind. Maybe when the economy changes with the L15 update.

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What do you think the likelihood of a Slash Royale happening?

The chest gold figure is incorrect.
177K~ is for arena 15, and the figure for Legendary arena (20) is 183K~

It’s virtually impossible to max out donations in an active clan, but assuming someone doesn’t have a life and does it consistently, donating 360 cards each day, 30,5 days on average 5 gold each card amounts to 54900 gold

Let’s add 10 epic donations each Sunday, which is impossible as well, for a total of 20000 gold

54900+20000=74900 gold. How could you come up with your 125k gold each season?

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