Want to add my achievement to my new account. My old acc was banned

My old was was recently banned. The player tag was #G8UYP0C0L

My new acc is # #G8UYP0C0L

It would be great if you could add my achievements to my profile and my esports info. I’m from Canada

If you need pics of the old acc I can send proof. I wasn’t allowed to add pictures since this is a new api acc

Please use the edit button. Details:

You have given two player tags that are exactly the same btw.

Sorry this is the acc that was just banned. PUY08PUUL

sure but can you use the edit button? process is the same. This forum should only be used if you have submitted a request and nothing is changed after a month.

I don’t see any edit button? I’m on mobile

go to the help doc above and submit a form.