Update for Losers - Clash Royale 2023 Q1 Game Update Sneak Peek

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Why doesn’t Diamond Pass offer the Champion Wild Card instead of set champion each season? I would rather get a Champion Wild Card then the Archer Queen next season.

That’s a great question — I have added your question to the list of FAQ:

Why give us a specific Champion card instead of a Champion Wild Card?

If you haven’t unlocked any Champions yet, having a full stack of Champion Wild Cards won’t do anything. Giving a specific card solves the issue by ensuring that you’ll always get a Champion card that you’ll be able to use immediately.

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This feels like a final cash grab for a company that has lost over half of it’s monthly users in the last few years. From 2.6 million active daily users in 2019 to 1.1 million daily in March 2023. We have a legendary clan that was always at capacity when set at a minimum of 5000 trophies, lately we can’t get anyone and it wasn’t until we dropped the requirement down to 1300 that we had anyone join. Many of those who we have played with for years have dropped out and with card level 15 about to drop it seems that there will continue to be an exodus from many longtime players looking at my clanmates as a microcosm for the game at large.


You can’t make the pass a worse value for the same price, and then raise the price. Well obviously you can, and I suppose supercell has calculated how they’ll lose less people than will pay the increased price, but it’s a horrible move.

Getting rid of book of books especially when you’re adding a new level. And gold now seems like it’ll be even harder to come by for newer players. This is really bad. I never thought I’d stop paying for pass royale, but I suppose I’ll play this one less and find a new game. I know I’ve only been playing for about 9 months but that’s depressing.


@SML what will be the new price of the gold pass in europe?

I have to agree. I’m not sure how they could calculate that they’d lose less than they would have pay. I’m a casual player. I’ve been enjoying the game for a little over a year. I pay for the pass because it is worth it. On April 3, 2023, I will no longer be paying for any pass. If this makes the game a poor experience then I will no longer play. No one cares if their opponent is “impressed” with an animated banner. This is a cash grab for sure.


You will ruin this game like brawl stars. You think f2p players must die. Gold pass’ price incresed but value decrased. This is stupid. Emergency cancel pass royale 2.0. Season tokens are decent but pass royale 2.0 will kill this game. WHERE ARE MAGIC ITEMS??? You should reduce gold pass royale price to 4,99 usd and add magic coin and book of books. Diamond pass wth??? Cancel now! This game will ruin. Cancel level 15 update. Even upgrade all cards to level 14 was impossible for f2p players. Brawl stars is dead because you added level 11. Clash royale was dead in 2018 and revive with champions. Clash royale will die again. Supercell became eacell. I won’t buy pass royale


No more book of books? Magic coin? why did the price go up for much less value, season shop wont cover for the lost book of books plz put it back into gold teir, the pass wont be worth it without the book of books anymore


12 dolares es un precio demaciado alto para latino america. El cambio son casi 7000 mil pesos Argentinos. Lo que gasto en frutas y verduras para 1 semana en el supermercado…

What a horrible update. Raise the price, less gold, no book of cards, and no mention of magic coin. No more pass royale for me that’s for sure.


Why? Why would they do this? Why are they removing books? This game is already pay to win enough. This update is garbage. This new season pass is just another money grab. 95% of the free to plays are going to quit.


I don’t know the exact prices for different locales. You can probably scale it using math since you know what the current price for pass is.


old_US / old_EU = new_US / new_EU

new_EU = new_US / old_US * old_EU
new_EU = 5.99 / 4.99 * old_EU
new_EU = 1.2 * old_EU

I agree with many of the comments on here. If anything, this hurts supercell rather than help the game overall. The main reason why many people buy pass royale was the book of books. Now that its gone, why even bother to buy it in the first place?

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I have three accounts, two with pass royal every month since like 18 months. I think I won’t pay any pass anymore because of the lack of book of books and magic token, and I surely don’t wanna pay 12 euro something for animation garbage. Also, I’m pretty sure level 15 is not the last level, and they’ll sure a level 16 after that. My only motivation is to climb the legendary league and the leaderboards as high as possible, but now SC is just ruining it. It’s a money grab and they are basically taking back what I paid for already.

And the guaranteed champion even if you are not at the arena?!? Yeah, welcome more unfair match up, what a wonderful gameplay SC is preparing us.

Update should be called “Update from losers”, because that’s what SC really are.



I hell hate this update as they literally think we are fools! I buy Pass Royale every month since last two years!

The only thing I’m concerned about is why did they removed Book of Books from the paid side.

It was so worth it in terms of Gold; we get around 400,000 Gold value to max a Legendary and 800,000 Gold value for a Champion.

Now, even the 12$ Diamond Pass is not worth the current Pass Royale. This is like, pay more for less rewards.

Trust me baby, this is the last Pass Royale I’ve ever got or else they should get me my Book of Books in any of that paid Gold or Diamond Pass and a Magic Coin too!! Good luck.

(Obviously, they won’t be affected me buying or not buying the Pass Royale. But, you guys just think about it!)

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Thanks for clarifying everything about the update! My stance has remained the same since the very beginning, and I don’t think it’s changed after reading this. I do plan to buy the Diamond tier at least 1 time. Beyond that, there has to be enough proof that the value is there for me to keep buying it or else I’ll do the lower tier.

I know I’m in a fortunate spot because 1. I can afford it and 2. I only need 30 Bandits and 3 Miners before maxing out on all the cards I need (until Lvl 15). And I’ve used mostly the same 2 decks for the last few years so there’s no real reason for me to even buy Pass Royale. But I do it to support the game and a creator.

Perhaps the better route was to bump the 4.99 USD to 5.99, which I am fine with a minimal increase, but create a lower tier that offers 1 thing for the season – chest queue or magic coin or book of books – while still making the 4.99 really good. Create a sub-4.99 lower tier as a gateway toward wanting to get the higher tier.

With SC going this way, they’re forcing everyone to move up. I feel like I have to move up to keep up, and I don’t even really need anything!

And none of this is going toward CRL or has any ties to it. Other games at least set aside 1/multiple passes for their esports like Brawlhalla, Street Fighter and CSGO. If I knew my 11.99 was going to fund/boost the CRL prize pool it’s an instabuy.

I don’t believe this is ‘sky is falling’ ‘RIP game’ as most commenters and others are expressing, but for the first time I am thinking about how I spend money playing this game.

From the look of it, seems like a disaster update for f2p. Yes they removed BoB from rp, decreasing its value while also increasing the price.

But there is another very important point that everyone seems to miss. They have literally halved the value of free rp. Now we won’t be getting- 2 chest keys, wild cards, royal wild chest, legendary wild card from tier 34. All these we used to get from free track of rp and now we won’t be getting it.
There argument is that we’ll be season tokens for it so that we can buy it ourselves. But isn’t season tokens supposed to replacing the challenge rewards.
Believe me, they have nerfed the f2p progression MASSIVELY. and not many seems to notice the margin by which they have nerfed.

Just because the royal pass issue is taking the limelight, one should not forget about this huge nerf to progression for f2p players.

Can I still get crowns from Grand Challanges?