TrailBlazEsport - Who is given the ownership role

Hey TrailBlazEsport is now verified but who have u given the owner role. Who can modify its players…

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@alpe123 can you take a look?

The team isn’t verified, and no one has been accepted to manage the team yet.

So when will it be verified. Its been more than 45 days since we submitted the form

That probably means that the submission was rejected

But why we filled all now do we have to fill it again?

It seems accepted but whoever made the submission didn’t follow up with the required information

No he wasnt contacted to five up the details

So can we follow up now??

He was, please make sure you check your Discord messages

Sorry if he missed. Can u plz dm him again and can u confirm that his name is TB| bathri

He replied u back sorry he missed it can u plz continue the verification plzz and so sorry

He has sended u the TrailBlazEsport TrailBlazEsport background logo in png format as well. Am sorry for past that he missed.I assure u this will not happen again.plz reaaly sorry.can u plz update it

@SML @alpe123 plz look into the matter

Please be patient, we’ll get back to him on Discord whenever we have time.

Its been more than a month now. So can u plz now help plz

@SML @alpe123 plz help in this matter. Its been like 3-4 months now.plz