Tournaments prize

I would like to know how tournaments with prize are created

I donโ€™t understand the question, we donโ€™t organise events

When in-game tournaments were originally created, they come with prizes in gold and cards. Because of severe issues with the black market selling tournament chests, Supercell has decided to remove prizes for these tournaments altogether. If you have played these tournaments before the patch, you would have cards won from tournaments in your in-game profile. But since it doesnโ€™t exist anymore, itโ€™s not possible to to get prizes from them anymore.

i mean, how tournaments with usd prize can be added to royale api ?

For individual events anyone can submit them if they can provide us basic information; we look deeper into them and add them if they meet our requirements.

For team events we need help from the organisers. We rely on them to provide the full rosters of participants.

to which mail should i send it ?

You can just message us here, but if you want email you can use this one:

Which basic information is needed?

  • Name
  • Edition
  • Player tags of the top players
  • Prize distribution and total
  • Date
  • Organiser
  • Relevant links