Season Shop and Events 2.0 - Clash Royale 2023 Q1 Update Preview)

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how much will diamond and gold pass cost? will gold be the normal $4.99 and diamond will be 9.99? or will gold be gems. and diamond will be 4.99

@RoyaleApi what do you mean by season boost?

Will party modes still give chests after they’re switched to the event tab?

My questions, concerns, observations.

  1. 2v2 and Party Mode enthusiasts will now be locked out of the Chest Cycle. Assuming the optimum 365,000 Seasonal Tokens in 1 calendar year, does what you can purchase match 1-year’s worth of Chest Cycle content?

  2. F2P and P2W divide widening even further.
    F2P can earn max 1000 tokens a day.
    P2W can earn max 7000 tokens a day.

  3. How much of a grind is earning these 1000~7000 tokens every day? This is on top of ladder, GTs, CW2.

Will they remove the free book in the tier 35 of the free pass section and the champion chest at tier 30? If so, with what will they recompense these free rewards? Thank you