RoyaleAPI profile

Hello Support of RoyaleAPI.

Currently I am here contacting the board on behalf of my accounts in which I’d like to link.

#LU9RJCYQ , for this account is like to link my mini as well ( #PQJGJQGLQ )

Also, messiah (CEO of AK) is too busy to add me onto the AK Syndicate API group, would you be able to as well?

Have you used the EDIT button?

I have but it never gets reviewed. So I start here instead

Hi Teo, your mini should be linked to your main account in a few hours.

About being added to the team, this isn’t possible because AK Syndicate is a verified team. The team admin has to be the one to add your profile.

Alright, thank you so much just peeped it’s been updated!

I’ll make sure to talk with messiah!