Regarding api achievements

I noticed that for some leagues, an api badge is given to the team profile, but not individual player profiles, and I was wondering why that was :frowning:

Basically it is because we try to be strict with which achievements are valid for participants and which aren’t. It’s important for consistency, as it also affects Pro label requests.

Achievements in team profiles can be useful to display the result and participation of a team in an event, without giving it to all participants.

A good example of this are national team events. Achievements for participants are handled as usual, but having extended achievements in team profiles gives a kind of participation history that I believe is useful.

Also, there’s a quite different situation in which this happens: a team event meets our requirements to be added to our database but the event organiser doesn’t provide us roster information. When that happens we usually add the achievements to teams, as that is fairly easy to do. Obtaining the full list of participants without the support of the organiser is difficult and unreliable, so we don’t often do it.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation. I assume the case i was thinking about (LCL S2) categorizes under the last part. Im not sure if you are aware, but the league staff updated a liquipedia page on this, and it has reliable rosters:)

I see, yes, LCL falls in the second category.

Unfortunately a list of names isn’t enough for us, we need player tags and other information, that’s why it’s important for organisers to help us gather all the required information.

The player tags are obtainable. What other information is needed?

For each profile we need:

  • Role within the team
  • Name
  • Player tag
  • Twitter
  • Nationality

I see. What if, hypothetically, someone were to give you all that, it would be possible?

Yes, possible. We’d have to look carefully into how reliable the sources are.

In general that’s something that we won’t encourage, as having information provided directly by the organiser will always be more reliable, so that’s what we want from all events.

I see. Is staff info needed too?