Profile issues

According to Little Chen’s Tweets
Profile #RGY2PLV9 is his main account right now.

Soloman’s profile also has some issues.
His twitter page changes into
and Soloman’s main account is #UJJULGCG
However that player profile link (门神Soloman #UJJULGCG | Player Profile in Clash Royale - RoyaleAPI) says it’s another former Chinese pro player, Xiaosa

Ok, but the player themselves need to clarify and make a statement about these.

Or @alpe123 please take a look about these claims

Including links to player profiles for convenience:

Thanks for joining Discuss and your help, I’ve looked into the changes you mentioned and we’ll update them soon.

Do you know any account that belongs to Xiaosa? Assigning this one to Soloman means that he no doesn’t have any, and we always want to have at least one account per profile.