Profil royal api not complet

Hello , on my acount Adam❄️ I have a gt finish #462 , but on profil , I didn’t see this

Most of your finishes might seem inconsistent, but it’s actually the opposite.
The old badges were given to profiles before the ToS checks happened. These updated results remove invalid players.
This means that your ranked finishes should improve a bit, unless you were DQd.

It seems that this result was removed with the ToS check.

no but my account has never been banned, on my profile directly on the game you can see my top 462

The current badge, just as the old ones, doesn’t take into account ToS checks.

Bans only happen after severe ToS breaches. If Supercell has noticed something minor, they might have chosen to just remove this result. Note that reiteration of minor issues is likely to result in harsher penalties, like a permanent ban.