Please help with my esports profile🦦

Hi, my account name is “outlast” with the tag being “#P2JPU8UV”. I used to have my esports information linked such as my country, crl points and twitter. Now it seems that they have been removed for no apparent reason. Could anyone look into this please?

Hello, we usually create provisional profiles for all CRL participants, so that results can be displayed while the event is ongoing.

Now that this edition of CRL has concluded, we are removing these provisional profiles. Only approved profiles will remain active and display CRL results.

Strange, because pretty much everyone else that participated in crl still has their points and information linked from what I’ve seen. In addition to this, my 2022 crl badge is gone and I don’t have my 2023 crl badge yet, both of which I’m quite proud of so it’d be nice if my profile could show those. Could you perhaps look into this or is there nothing you can do about it?

No, sorry, the provisional profile removal is expected and intentional.