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Hi, checking through players battle history I’m finding a big gap of missing days. Impossible to see if all players are doing all 4 war battles?
Why the incomplete data?
Many thanks

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@Jturnip Please be more specific. Can you provide the URL to your player battle log?

My hunch is that you are talking about the clan battle logs. Players in-clan aren’t tracked automatically. This has to do with system resources — we don’t have access to Supercell’s database and so the only way we can fetch that data is by visiting each player’s battle logs individually. As you can imagine, that’s simply not feasible to do so automatically for millions of players out there.

If you want to do so manually, you can visit the clan battles page and hit the refresh button.

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 9.47.29 PM

Hi, thanks you.
For example this is me and the battle history goes from 1day to 6days?

Am I missing something?

@Jturnip How do you mean by player going from 1 day to 6 days? Only the last 25 battles are fetched live. The rest we know because the player has visited our site and thus we save their battles to the database. Anything after “more” depends on that. Supercell only returns last 25 battles.

I mean I’ve been trying to determine who has not done attacks this current war but noticed a big jump in time stamps, the picture is from me and I’m active everyday?
This is with most players in the clan although their are a few that go back 6days and no missing data and are highly active.
Many thanks for your time on this.

Like I’ve said, you are on PAGE 2. Anything after Page 1 meant that they cannot be fetched from Supercell servers.

  • Page 1 (last 25 battles): we fetch from Supercell servers
  • Page 2 - Infinity: we fetch from our database.

How do we know about those battles? Because someone visited that player battle log at some point.

We save everyone’s player battles to our database when they visit it. What we don’t do is proactively visit people’s battle logs to save them. Doing so would be prohibitively expensive. As mentioned in my first reply to you, storage is not free.

Our site is ad-supported as mandated by Supercell and we also don’t have the resources to save 100 million player battle logs around the clock especially if 99% of them will never visit the site.

You can be active and play lots and lots of games but we won’t save your battle logs unless you visit the site.

If this is still unclear please mention @Gerry and see if he can help you because I don’t quite know how to explain this better.

@Jturnip in case you didn’t get the notification coz I didn’t mention you. Please see above and let me know if it is clear.

That’s fine, thanks I understand

@SML thanks for speedy replies:) Can you point me in direction for information on how best to use royaleapi for checking player participation?

@Jturnip There is none. We are working with Supercell to get that info into the war logs and current race. However, there is no ETA for that. The only thing we can tell you is that they are working on it.

There is in fact a workaround before Supercell add those info directly into the logs — but this workaround is doable only if you are tracking for a small number of clans. As our site serves thousands of clans, this workaround won’t work for us mostly because as I have mentioned, it’s not possible for us to be logging millions of players every minute.

If you know how to do minimal programming though, you can easily implement this workaround for your own clan (tracking 50 members round the clock is very easy).

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