Old Clash Royale account recovery

Hello I used to play Clash Royale in 2017, I had a fairly big account with many legendary cards. I have recently started playing CR again, and I would be blessed if I could recover my old account. My name was Serbanq763, King Level 11 or 12. Back then there was no Supercell ID, so no way recovering it that way. I remember I was connected with google play, but I don’t remember which Gmail address that was. That being said, is there a way to find out with which google play account I was connected, because in doing so I could sign up into that Gmail, since I still remember the password, but not the email itself…
Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Searching for player account by name is only possible for players who have used our site before — and therefore, already indexed by our database. There are no native methods to fetch a player profile by name from Supercell servers directly. The only way to fetch a player profile is by player tag. If you have forgotten your player tag and want to look up using player names, then the only way it will show up from this custom search is if you have visited our site before. What that means is that it’s possible that the list we provide you here does not contain your account at all.

DO NOT randomly give a player tag to Clash Royale support to recover your account. Doing so would be seen as “phishing” and will likely get you banned permanently.

With that said, here are the search results based on the information provided:


Your search returns 0 results.

This means that we have never come across any player accounts by that name, but as mentioned in the important information above, it doesn’t eman that the account doesn’t exist. Searching by player name depends on the account being accessed by RoyaleAPI before. Since it has not, you can only retrieve it by player tag.

Thanks, is it for example still possible to view my player tag if I have access to an account which is in the friend list of the account I am trying to recover? I remember that before you could tap on the profile of a player and view his player tag next to his in-game name. Is this still possible?

yes you can still do that.