My Esports profile

I was trying to get my profile added to the esports database but was rejected because it wasn’t reliable enough. What can I do to provide more information and make my profile more reliable and eligible to be added to the esports database?

Hi, we’d need to know what your main account is, event if you don’t want it to be displayed on your profile.

This is my main but I’ve linked it before. Could it be that it was seen as unreliable since the stats are very inconsistent? I came back to the game and practiced very hard but then retired as a player a few months later.

Sorry, I can’t give you more details of our admission process, but if this is your only account then you aren’t eligible to be added to our database.

These are my other profiles, does that help in any way?

No, it doesn’t, these are even newer accounts with barely any activity in them.

My main account has been played by me for almost 6 years, I am trying to get added as an analyst/coach, I don’t quite understand how the account itself is unreliable. I can give further information if that’s what you require

I can give you confirmation on the earliest purchases made on this account

Sorry, there’s not something specific that we ask for. We look at the information we have available and decide based on that.

And how does the available information make this account unreliable? It’s never been banned as far as I can recall even with all the random bans happening these past days.

Again, we can’t give you details of our admission process.

Great. Rip badge and all my Future achievements🥲

Sorry for my frustration, Of course I still appreciate your work in the community. Clash would not be the same without royaleapi.

Would a confirmation from my teams ceo that this is my account help in any way?

The reason for my frustration is that I earned a team accomplishment that will not be shown in my profile if my esports profile doesn’t get added to the database. On top of that my account is 6 years clean which seems pretty reliable to me.

I understand, but that doesn’t change our decision. If you stand by the information you provided there’s not much more we can do