Most requested changes about Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 - Survey Results

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A lot of great suggestions, hopefully Supercell likes a few of them!


My suggestions :

  • Put a daily counter of the number of GDC fights played out of 4 next to the nickname of each player in the war tab in order to see who is not doing their 4 fights. Convenient for management. And we had this counter for GDC 1 …

  • Give back the possibility of notifying a player who has not made his war combats of the day. We also had this function on the GDC 1 …

-A bug still not corrected since the introduction of wars: a modification made to a defense deck of the boat by a player is not visible to the others … When I ask a player to modify his boat defense deck, he does it, the modification is taken into account by the game, the player sees his deck modified but me and the other players of the clan we see the old version of the deck.

I agree with what has already been proposed in particular :

  • Change opponents every week
  • Opt-in/out, selective participation
    -Instead of racing against the clock, tally points after each 24-hour period to determine position.
  • Make Colosseum more unique.
    -More game modes, add 2v2
  • More variety in rewards
  • MVP

And of course : Change war decks after use

Thanks for reading me ! :slight_smile:



Saw a link to this on reddit and think this is a better discussion platform.

I would change CW2 like that:

  • change race length to 6 days, Monday to Saturday (depending on timezone its early Sunday)
  • no finish line, most points (fame) at the end wins.
  • each player has 6 battles in the course of the war, duell counts as 2. A win gives 1 fame, a duell win 2 (or keep it like it is where card levels matter).
  • Use the decks we already have, nothing with “each card only once”

There you go, CW2 is fun now.


1°~El principal problema es la zona horaria , pero no depende de la zona horaria del Clan , sino de la zona horaria de los jugadores. Un clan puede tener ubicación en Europa , pero tener jugadores de Latinoamérica. Entonces , lo del contador de puntos en 24 horas sería la mejor opción. La gente se esforzará por ganar la batalla y se compensará la habilidad.

2°~ Da la opción de ausentarse en guerra sin perjudicar al equipo. Verde (disponible) , rojo (ocupado) . Y cede ésos ataques a algún compañero aleatoriamente

3°~ El líder necesita ver participación de los jugadores. El contador de batallas de Río diario, es una herramienta imprescindible para gestionar activos. Necesitamos saber quién cumple con sus 4 ataques.
Gracias por crear éste espacio Api !!!:blush: Sois geniales :v:t2:!

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1 I wish that CR should have a fame collector where all our fame in clan wars get collected which we can use to buy emotes =>each emote cost :10000 fame &exclusive emotes should come once in a month probably the first day of each month & it should cost 20000 fame .

2 Those fames can be used to buy trade tokens which should be @ rates :

  • Common Trade Token:-2000 fame / token
  • Rare Trade Token:-4000 fame / token
  • Epic Trade Token :- 6000 fame /token
  • Legendary Trade Token :- 8000 fame / token

3 There should be a system that if we use 2000 Gold on a emote to upgrade it (which can be done like as if we are upgrading a card ) & use that emote in our clan then our clan members can claim that emote & that too 3 emotes in one season from any clan by using 5000 gold to buy each emote . ( to preserve the exclusiveness of exclusive emotes ). Also this upgrade will no longer be useful after the end of the season .

I Focused mostly on emotes because those people who don’t use money in CR don’t have emotes more than 15 & 250 Gems for 1 emote is too high . I love those exclusive emotes of CR.

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I have been playing this game for 4 yrs now and in recent months this game has become awful with its imbalances with cards and supercell creating these overpowered cards like the megaknight. Aside of that they also have ruined the game by padding either the hit points or attack points on golem, balloon, lumberjack… supeercell has ruined the run of the game play as many has used cookie cutter meta decks with those cards mentioned which has ruined it for everyone. The game should be about strategy and drill and not be reliant on over buffed cards. They also have butchered many good cards like the three musketeers, it should not be at 9 elixir and vulnerable to alot of cards where the bowlers and barbarian can survive a rocket. Even at times balloons and hog rider can survive a rocket. Another good example of how a dart goblin can survive arrows. The mega knight and golem or so over buffed and cost less than three musketeers, atleast make musketeers back to 7 elixir. A lot of cards needs rebalancing. Also doing quarterly updates is just a lazy approach to the game and makes it not fair to the gaming experience when we have to wait that long. Many other improvements should be addressed, the ladder point system still is not adequate as we still lose 21-28 points but gain 24-31… it doesn’t makecsense. The clan wars 2.0 has so much potential but there do many flaws and the biggest one is the timezone reset at 5am. My clan is in Canada so how fair is it that by the time we wake up the clans from Asia and Europe will have gotten their attacks in and have a better advantage with the 5am reset? If the timezone is a problem to do at noon or midnight then redo the matchmaking so we play against players in the same continent. In my experience playing ladder or any version of clan wars or tournaments, majority of players I play are not from North America at all only 1 percent. They should do something to encourage clan members to participate like reworking the cheer button so it brings clans closer. If we reach star status, our cards should have a special attributes besides skins since its expensive to obtain star levels. I hope something gets done about the game otherwise ppl will start to leave because of frustrations with the imbalances and over powered cards and bored if the game play.