Monk - New Champion Card in Clash Royale

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1 - how does stun effects this guys triple combo
2 - if two monks are at the tower using their abilities and a rocket is thrown, is it just gonna end up hopping from tower to another like volleyball or something

What deck styles do you think that then monk will be able to fit in and synergize with?

I just wanna say, rip xbow … Just remove this card, why bother nerfing so much xbow deck first over the year and again this? Just remove it… so simple

for 2. You cant deploy 2 champions at the same time

rip bozo xbow

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your opponent and you, that makes 2

How will the Monk’s ability interact with the AQ ability? Will the AQ shots be deflected towards the AQ, towards another card, towards the tower, or something different?

I haven’t tested this, BUT I believe that if it’s your rocket then it will be deflected towards your tower. The fact that you also have a Monk in the arena doesn’t matter because your Monk won’t deflect your projectiles — only the opponent’s.

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AQ shots will be deflected towards the queen. As a rule of thumb:

  • if a troop is shooting the projectile, the monk will deflect those projectiles back to the troop
  • if a spell is cast (meaning the player is playing that projectile) (e.g. Rocket / Goblin Barrel / Fireball etc), then the monk will deflect those projectiles towards the opponent’s tower.

Does the hunter’s shot count as multiple and therefore gets reflected multiple times?

What happens with “sky” spells like Zap or Lightning?

Also, how does the arrows interaction work? If the Monk protects only a small zone of the arrow radius, do the troops in the rest of the radius get damaged or is the whole spell reflected anyway? What if the monk’s ability ends before the final arrow wave hits?

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Monk will break Clash Royale - YouTube i think this answers reapers question will you double deflect rockets

Xbow Monk is going to be meta. Defends the xbow almost perfectly (with a log to help, of course), and counters other monks. RG? Gone. Golem? One inferno and it’s gone. Only problem is EQ.

So, the Monk can damage the AQ despite the cloak? AQs gonna be dead

Yes he can.

He will probably work with sparky because he can stop spells and ranged units and resets (not e dragon.) but he will be able to stop most sparky counters and knock cards to towers for sparky to connect. He also can when defending combo with sparky by pushing units away allowing it to get more shots off. The sparky can deal with the counters to monk like e barbs and inferno tower. (Monk can use his ability to tank inferno dragon just in case.)

Oh wait inferno tower is bad sparky counter but it counters monk is wham trying to say.

I think this is the most OP card in game. Even more than Electro Giant, because EG costs more realistic amount of energy. But Monk costs only 4 elixir, that makes him a way stronger card than Knight or Mini - Pekka, the cards, which cost same elixir. I think Monk is really undefendable card. Remove him, or just set his elixir cost to 6. Or reduce radius of Super abillity. Or something else, but dont leave him as he is now. This card will totally break whole clash royale world. Also in my opinion, adding Champions was totally thoughtless…