Last royale api support msg

Did you receive my last royal api support msg which i sent 2 days ago ? Players Name Thaddeus #2PJJRLR2C , its about an missing achievement
Thank you.

Hi, team achievements can only be submitted by the event organisers

event was a big fraud , they wont show up again because they scammed everyone , you can ask @Luinor who was headmanager for the team

and the event was literally 2 years ago :joy:

Ok, then it can’t be added now

And i finished top4 in a solo competition named post league . But the organisers keep saying that they dontve planned adding that to Api? I dont get why , couldnt you add it by yourself? Can show it on their website

my real issue is the thing with the pro badge , i just want it and deserve it , some achievements are missing which i cannot remember anymore or where the admins scammed us
-TTC (1000€) league where i got qualed for a liveevent (top8) which got cancelled because of corona

  • forgotten achievements probably like rockets league 3 years ago
  • post league S3 which they dont want to add to royal api and without those i still have 6 individual achievements which are seeded worser than they are (6 instead of 5)
    Couldnt you just give me this badge by adding the post league achievement :pensive:

We can add individual achievements if there is enough event information to validate the event. You can see the details we need here, in the apply section:

I did write you everything on discord ThaddeusCR7#6944
Please add the achievement , thanks for your work!