Improve Refine filter on Royale Api

Hi there! I love this web! I would like to suggest to improve the refine filter for searching decks, adding in the refine some box oroption to filter by “Minimun % Win rate” or “Minimun Usage” or “Minimun Rate”. It could be great!
Is here the right please to suggest it? Thanks!
Code RoyaleAPI FTW! :partying_face:

It’s not possible to use minimum % WR because the decks are in fact not fetched by win rate. I gathered that you don’t know how most of this works, but basically we perform real time search on the millions of battles to find the most popular decks, then we calculate numbers for those top decks only. With trillions of deck possibilities, if we are to pre-calculate win rates for every deck it is not actually possible. So that’s how it is.

And because of that, win rate / rating / usage can only be used as filters, after the most popular decks are found. We have found that to be useful anyway — win rate is not that useful if they only get played 20 times. I get that you would think that it would be, but when we did data analysis, the results are not that meaningful as you imagine that they would be.

Hi there, Thanks a lot for your explanation, it helps a lot for understand that is not possible.
Anyway, Thanks a lot for your work (Of course we support you on creator code on CR XD )
Have a nice day,

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