I want to put my social networks and my country in royale api

You will remove my twitter and put that, that I said instead of old twitter?

No, as I said, the profile is locked. That means it cannot be changed.

What you mean with “the displayed information will be removed”?

The esports profile and information that it contains will be removed.

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Hello, I want to remove the social networks from my royale api, and I need to change the twitter because the one that is now does not work.

I want to change the twitter to an account which is available and it is this: @VikiiMiauu

If I click If I hit twitter, a blocked account appears.

I contacted you a long time ago but the social networks have not been removed, nor have the twitter changed, I need to put it correctly, the @VikiiMiauu instead of that to my account.

Finally, when entering royale api there is an option that says: this is my profile, edit profile, and there I have put the new twitter of the account and I have sent it but nothing has ever been changed and I have been waiting for a long time so I contact you,

Please help me Alpe123🙏, thanks you.

The answer is the same as the last time you asked

My social networks have never been removed and you thought they would be removed, right?

No, as I said, the displayed information is shown until CRL concludes

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