How many years that data will be saved?

I would know how many years these data will be stored… I can se through my profile the data of the old wars(first type of war) … How many yeras these data will be available. And if possible to ask for the deleting of the data eventually? (In the old wars my results were bad)…

Sorry we don’t delete data. The main issue is: if we agree to hide your data then everyone would want to hide theirs. Clan leaders depend on our historic data to evaluate candidates and it won’t be fair if some people could choose to hide them.

Further: we can’t just delete data from a single profile — it actually affects many things beyond your own profile.

I will discuss with the team to find a good balance about this, but it will not happen in the near future.

Ok, but the data of 4 years ago( the first type of wars)aren t useful for nobody and are only a lot of waste data…

Not useful to you is not the same as not useful to everyone else. I for one use those data to evaluate candidates.