Help for esport profile

Sml could you help me as you told me on discord bro ?

I need to update my esport name and add all my accounts in same profile please. Thank you for your help

Hi @Aka_Ro, do you already have an esports profile?
If you don’t, you’ll need to submit your information here:

If you already have one, you can also use that form to list the accounts that you want to add. We need the player tags, not the names.

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@Aka_Ro I see that you have submitted several requests and still don’t have an esports profile. If you want the changes you mentioned to take place, I suggest you do that first.

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I’ll give some context because this person DMed me.

He has an esports profile here:

Subsequently he has given all these as his profiles. I have already asked him to submit the form. But I will include his profiles here for completeness:

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That’s not his profile, it belongs to another player. That’s why he needs to create a separate one for himself


ok i have told him. @Aka_Ro please follow alpe’s instructions and create a new profile. (select new profile on the form). thanks.

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So i did what you asked for @alpe123 . Nice to see you again :blush:

Thanks for all @alpe123 @SML wish you the best. :blush:

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@SML peace my friend, how are you guys ? I ve made a new discord cause my last one was hacked cause of a gift a friend has sent to me lol. Anyway i just want to come back on the server. Hope everything s doing well for y’all. See you later insha’Allah