Goblin Curse - 2024 June Q2 Update

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Looking forward to giving this a go. :smiley:

Emergency nerf will be required. make the spell 3 elixir or remove the additional damage. Otherwise the spell is too OP


Please do not add this :pray:. Who let you cook, the same guy who invented hawaiian pizza? Shocking idea, do you hate your game this much, what could possess you to make, Party Rocket (6 elixir), poison (4 elixir) and rage (2 elixir) all in one card for 2 elixir!!!

Is it friendly troops/tower in the radius of the spell do more damage to opponent troops/tower or attacks to the enemy troop/tower in the radius of the spell get damaged more by friendly troops/tower

It should be at least 3 elixir lol.


It should be 3 elixir.
and consider turn dead troops into weaken goblins like a goblin baby( or else you would like to call them)so we can also got a new card: 2 goblin baby costing 1 elixir . higher damage than skeleton,lower hp than gobiln.
it may a good idea.

and think about these

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I agree with removing the gold from lucky drops. I mean, why are they there if we can only open one per day? If I want gold, I wouldn’t open a damn lucky drop. That is the reason why chests and crates exist.