Get Ready for Evolution - Clash Royale Season 48 (June 2023)

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Great post as always! Strange though, these announcements usually come on Fridays and not Thursdays… does that mean we will learn more about Elite Levels and Wild Cards tomorrow??? Maybe even Card Evolutions?

Incredibly excited for tomorrow. This season looks great and Card Evolutions is something I can’t wait to learn more about. This update comes at a perfect time since summer is coming up, usage rates will surely spike, so well played SC. Definitely a make up from Q1, which had its ups, (like the fact that I can literally get 3 free legendary wild cards per month.) but had its let downs.

Could this be a Mini PEKKA Pancakes repeat season??? (That was my favourite season that I’ve played since picking up CR in December 2021)

Yoo, Season 48 seems so awesome, with Firecracker being one of my favourite cards, boasted to level 12, my Tower Level. But, the sad part is, the commercialization of pride. Like, it kind of destroys the point of making the pride banners and emote, it seems kind of faked. I wouldn’t be shocked if so queer people were made at that fact. It might even be made like that, so Supercell can still pander to other countries who either don’t care about queer or hate them. Judging as, the pricing of them(in general, not because it’s at $ 0.99) allows for those cosmetic items to be more obscure and hidden. But, hey, thats just a theory- a GAME THEORY. Yes, that was indeed a Game Theory/MatPat reference, deal with it. Alas, my first discussion post has come to a close, I hope this won’t be last of many great posts I make. And instead, the first of many to come, Sincerely, R41ph3a7!