Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale June 2022 (Season 36)

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This buff to the night witch would not allow her to see use in other decks outside of golem decks like they wanted. The should undo the buff and rework her to target both ground and air units.

  • she’s currently the only witch that can’t directly attack air units
  • would make her the first ground melee troop that can target both air and ground units
  • would be like a mega minion that costs 1 more elixir, lacks flying, but spawns bats
  • easier to distract as now she can be distracted by both air and ground units

Maybe also buff the wizard splash radius from 1.5 tiles → 2.0 tiles

  • would increase damage potential by being better against clumped up units
  • would still remain a glass cannon
  • for 5 elixir he’s currently underwhelming in higher trophy counts where other troops can do his job better

Since drill had to be nerfed for bug fix, could it do a tad more spawn damage? It seems pretty decent

There were no nerf. When Might Miner was added to the game, it introduced a bug where the Drill was traveling faster. The speed nerf here is to fix that issue so the Drill will travel int he same speed as before. There are no intended buff/nerf.

How about dropping ebarb damage lower but giving it more health, so it’s more of a skillful and defensive card?

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I think that bug occured because the drills (both MM’s weapon and goblin drill) shared the same codebase (maybe the same function). They are just splitting these functions

I don’t understand why they nerfed skeleton king. I use him every time when I play challenges.

That’s why. You use it because you think it’s better, so they even the card out.

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I’m astonished that Royale is seriously proposing these balance changes and not addressing the significant and long-term imbalance in the game of low-skill decks. 6 indicative examples:

  1. Why isn’t something being done about the golem, night witch, some kind of dragon(s) combo? This is boring whether I win or lose, because I don’t learn anything from low skill players who plonk down overpowered cards or combos. I see night witch all the time in my matchups, and I can’t believe Royale are seriously considering a buff! My proposal: Increase golem to cost 9 elixir, leave night witch alone Then people might find more interesting ways to use night witch.

  2. Why isn’t something being done about the egolem, healer, some kind of dragon(s) combo? Again, a frequent (and mind-numbingly boring) matchup. Sometimes this is in combo with barbarian barrel, so I welcome this slight nerf, but really a much more urgently needed proposal is reduce healer’s heal frequency by 0.1 secs or something like that.

  3. Why no mention of the (again boringly frequent) hogs, earthquake combo, often exacerbated by mother witch? EQ requires incredibly little skill, as it acts incredibly quickly, has a huge radius requiring no placement effort, destroys any/all ground hordes, and is not particularly high cost for all of this… simply rotate until hogs and EQ again and again and again…booooring! Add mother witch into the mix and this further imbalances things. So: leave mother witch alone, address the speed, damage and radius of earthquake

  4. Why no mention of graveyard + [insert tank of choice]? Again, because of it’s wide radius, long lasting effect, and random placement of a high number of skeleton popups, this is difficult to deal with, especially when any responses can be easily and quickly taken out by very low cost spells. Reduce number of skeletons in graveyard, or leave it alone but increase the cost

  5. Why no mention of the xbow at all? It is used in a great number of low skill deck combos, and it’s main issue is the decay time. Easily taking 1,000 hp off a tower with only a QUARTER of xbow lifebar left is balanced?! Speed up the decay time of xbow.

  6. A buff for electro giant, seriously?! The issue with electro giant is that there are far too many lightning strikes (or whatever they’re called) coming off his backpack which can hit ground, air, multiple units and tower - in addition to punching the tower hard… equals overpowered!! Yes increase giant health, but reduce the number of backpack lightnings, or increase the time between their frequency

There are so many other things to mention which are similar to this but I should probably stop there to give chance for responses, but overall: I’m disappointed and astonished at how out of touch Royale is with low skill decks.

If I wanted to play opponents who just plonk down card after card with no timing, placement or strategy, I could play against the computer on any low quality Tower Defence game which is very, very limited fun, and I may as well spend my time on something else (I’ve been playing Royale over 5 years, so this is not a non-invested rant). I play Royale to compete against intelligent, challenging HUMAN opponents who will change and adapt to what I do. Royale, make this possible, PLEASE.

If all those are boring i think the problem is your decks. The patron is not play well vs tanks.

What deck do you use? :thinking:

@malemonroy not really. To be fair to your point, I have wondered if this is the case, but I don’t think so: I’ve got over 6k trophies, and have maintained this for several seasons… so, while I’m definitely not pro, clearly I’m an experienced enough player to spot the difference between an opponent who is adapting, thinking, skilled in placement and timing and strategy… and someone who just plonks down card after card.

And, I’m also not talking about winning and losing here mainly. Actually, it’s GREAT to lose to a highly skilled player. I really learn something, and it’s actually quite an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Playing a card plonk opponent with the aforementioned overpowered decks is boring. I’ve seen them all before, and I’ve seen all the (extremely) limited ways they are used. There shouldn’t be card combos which allow for such poor gameplay, and Royale should do something about this massive and long overdue issue which will lead to a huge benefit in terms of innovation and overall skill level, rather than tinkering with balance changes which from the responses are so out of touch: nerfing the log tower damage which as it is is barely over 100 when maxed… seriously?!, that’s what’s a priority for balance changes right now?!

I registerd just to ask
How dumb do you have to be to ask this question???
Did you expect the devs to nerf a card you never use, so that you’ll continue not using it?