Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale December 2022 (Season 42)

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Please add this balance change for the February 2023 Balance Changes -

Wizard Rework:

Elixir Cost: 5 → 4
Area Damage: -22.5 % (281 → 218)*
Range: 5.5 tiles → 5 tiles
Hit Speed: 1.4 sec → 1.5 sec
First Attack Speed: 0.4 sec → 0.5 sec

With this rework, the wizard becomes a rival to the musketeer. Having the same health and the same damage per hit as the musketeer. But while the wizard offers splash damage, the musketeer offers a greater range and a faster hit speed.

*Level 11 stat (tournament standard)

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I agree with everything except his range. That can make his too weak.

goblin barrel has %30 winrate on gc, worst win condition right now

I understand you worry, but a range of 5 tiles is viable as seen with the Archer Queen or the Electro Wizard. And even if the rework is a bit on the weak side, I would rather have that then a balance change that makes the card overpowered. As if it comes out too weak it can then can a get a small buff to fix it. Versus it being too strong and many players complaining about it, with an emergency nerf needed to correct it.

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I don’t worry, I don’t even use the wizard.

you made a good point about the wizard coming out as a weak card is better than him coming out too broken, but the e-wiz can attack 2 targets at once even if each is in a seperate lane and the aq gives too much value with her ability. Ik that half a tile isn’t really a big deal, but to me, it feels like the musky is still going to overshadow him: way more dps and a range bigger by a tile.

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Please add this Barb Barrel buff

Damage +10% (241 > 265)
Range (4.5 > 5.25)

And also another buff I would like to see is with the Witch

Hitpoints +17% (838 > 980)

i think pekka should get less damage but more attack speed so that the dps will stay the same