Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale August 2022 (Season 38)

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Okay Wtf, they did nothing, only gave a tiny buff for the Ram, which is basically nothing

Here’s my thoughts:

EGolem rework:

I have no idea how this gonna work, but I’m really looking forward to it, it looks interesting.

Prince buff:

I think this will help, but not in a world changing way. Prince is fine, although he’s got outshined by the Mini PEKKA in this meta, thanks to the Egiant, but i think an HP buff would have been better.

Ram Rider:

I know that Ram Rider is weak right now, but this is so unnecessary, we need her old speed penalty back.

Mega Knight buff:

I’m saying this for a long time now, but Mega Knight is easly the worst legendary, and one of the worst card in the game. He’s so slow and easy to counter. This is the easly the best change and i’m really happy to see that.

Exe Buff:

I’m probably the only person in this world, who’s happy to see this buff (maybe Viiper and Planet as well), Exe was one of my fav card in the old times, and this buff will make him a little bit more versatile, but NOT BROKEN.

Ice Golem buff:

Completly agree with this, Ice golem is really underused and this will gonna help with our Kite king. Although i would loved to see a damage buff instead of this, but I’m still happy.

Golden Knight nerf:

Very good nerf, GK has more HP than a Valk which is a total bs, but i think the damage is a bigger problem.

Skelly King nerf:

Good nerf, but he will still be meta.

Egiant nerf:

FINALLY. This is big, but still not big enough, I would prefer a 4 or 5 % HP nerf

Fireball nerf:

Now this is a bs. Why supercell, why? Firebally is a completley good, versatile, fun, and BALANCED spell. No one argued that it’s overpowered. I would even say fine if the nerf wouldn’t be so big but this is ridicoulus. Also yes, you can counter a balloon, you just have to win the lottery in the same day.

Fire Spirit nerf:

100% agree. Perfectly executed, and necessary.

Now last but not least, the mirror.

I’m in a specific point right now with this card. It should be deleted. Wait, hear me out. Supercell says, that they happy that mirror is finally meta. Ok, i was too, but it’s meta since april. Which is 3 months. For me, that was enough to see, that mirror is toxic or trash. There’s no other way to this card. That’s why I’m saying, it should be deleted.

I think there are other cards, what are need something, but now I will talk about cards what needs buff, because everyone already now the broken cards:

Barb hut:
It’s a shame how trash this thing is. Buff the health, or make it 6 elixir

Goblin gang:
Bring the 3rd spear gob back.

Give a 4th goblin.

Make it 4 elixir, but nerf the damage, because otherwise i think he would be too good.

Battle healer:
Give her splash damage, buff the damage, make her an air card, or idk, but she needs something.

Skelly barrel:
Just a little health buff.

Skelly dragons:
Just a little health buff.


Don’t like the reasoning with Drill. It’s not very skillful when paired with Golden Knight, Magic Archer, nado, bomber, etc. Just super spammy. Only reason it’s not used in midladder is because it’s relatively new and not f2p friendly.

Don’t think skele drags need a buff, they are very good in lava, having high winrates for a long time.

Yeah i dont think there is any point in releasing these WIP balances, because the person who controls these changes clearly doesnt care about the feedback. Nice job mate, please keep making this game even worse

Yessss i love Barb Hut and im sad to see how bad position it is in right now

I agree with a lot of things you said, and finally someone else agrees with me on the wizard that he’s terrible and should be reworked. But there are things I wanna say:

• Don’t think you should immediately just remove the mirror, I think they should instead just try to balance this otherwise. It’s supposted to be a surprise card but not an overpowered one that you have to spend your whole elixir bar in order to defend. So I think the 0+ elixir and 0+ lvls would be perfect. Sadly Supercell disagree.

• Barb hut should have more hp and a faster spawn, cuz 2 barbs per decade and dies really fast, while being 7 elixir makes this the worst card in the game.

• 4 goblins? That can be strong ngl. But honestly no better way to change this. Buffing the goblins would make the 2 elixir ones stronger and the gang as well, so 2 birds with one stone. But yes, drill and barrel don’t need a buff. So mb we can give it a try.

I agree on the Ram Rider side, I use her and too often she doesn’t reach the tower. Yes, the buff might help, but not too much. Her last nerf certified her position in top ladder as an unreliable win condition, so a buff for 10% snare would be good.

why fireball??? :skull:

Supercell’s balance team are a bunch of cowards. EVERYONE’s feedback was “leave fireball alone” and then they proceed with the nerf? You ask for feedback but don’t change any of the balances, all you did was add Ram Rider to the balance changes. And the buff for Ram Rider? That won’t do a THING. I’m fed up with the balance team, genuinely think some of you need to be fired for this. Their justification for Mortar is “4% Use rate and 52% win rate, so fairly balanced”? How about the atrocious win and use rates for X-Bow? Did you see those before going through with the fireball nerf? And Mirror is broken and you guys want to leave it be just because “you like it being meta” and the +1 elixir for +2 levels creates “high risk, high reward”? That sounds completely asinine. How about instead of high risk, high reward, you actually BALANCE the card? And don’t give us that nonsense about the 3-card cycle, you CAN balance that now, but like I said, you’re lazy cowards. It’s not hard to add a balance change so you can’t play mirror after a champion has been played. It’s really simple. Smh.

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I agree with most of the things you said, these balance changes are pretty good overall but supercell doesn’t seem to care about the feedback here.

I don’t think mirror should be deleted, it’s not their policy. They should search for a way to balance it even if it’s hard.

I think the fire spirit nerf should be on his crown tower damage which is egregious considering a furnace removes 60% of your tower’s hp if not defended.

3 spear gobs gang was too strong and when they added a 4th skeleton it became op. So instead of adding a 4th goblin and a 3rd spear gob, I think they should just buff goblin’s or spear gobs’ damage (or both)

I agree about wizard needing something, but the 4 elixir rework idea sounds too ordinary and not exciting enough since there are already plenty of 4 elex support cards. Instead they could increase his range from 5.5 to 6 (same as musketeer) so it would be harder to get value with fb or poison. Plus he wouldn’t be defeated by canon so easily which kinda makes sense given the elex difference. Or they can buff his health so it’s not killed by poison.

I also had an idea which consisted of applying this wizard buff only from legendary arena, since the card is already very effective at lower levels of trophies. But it’s probably too difficult to implement.

Skelly barrel balance idea: skelly barrel has 2 stages: air barrel and skeletons. But their air phase is near nonessential. It almost certainly connects to your tower and you log the skeletons, or it connects to a building.

So my idea is to buff the barrel hp by 50% but change the barrel speed to medium or slow, so that they can actually provide tankage to whatever or be stopped before connecting to your tower

And hopefully it’ll make skelly barrel be viable outside of just bait or troll clone decks

I have a question. What is the point of releasing WIP balance changes if you’re gonna completely ignore the feedback anyways?