Final Balance Changes - Clash Royale April 2023 (Season 46)

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SML is it possible that you can ask for the balance Wishlist earlier, here in RoyaleAPI and reddit, like say right now. That way you can share our ideas with the balance team, so that they at least get more than a month to play around with our ideas and potentially add them to the next set of balance changes.

i hope whoever said the mega minion dosent deserve a 0.3 hitspeed and made him only get 0.1 hitspeed buff gets burned and get their own holocaust and the miner crown tower nerf is killing the card congrats phoenix crybabies (meGa mINioN iS gOnNa bE oP) you just made the update for loses even worse im quitting this game once and for all

Someone’s a little salty are they.

Honestly, props to the Clash Royale balance team for doing this. The Rascals buff will still be massive yet still make them separate from the Archers and Knight so they can be viable, Miner will still be a great mini tank for Wall Breakers/Goblins, just less effective as a primary win condition (which was needed), and Mega Minion will still be getting a buff, yet it won’t make it absolutely broken as it was back in 2016. In conclusion, all these balance changes were GREAT! Other than the Pheonix change, I still would’ve just liked a large range decrease instead.

Yeah I agree, i think this meta will be more balanced. I don’t like the Archers nerf though. It’s a step in the right direction but I think that they should half it, like the did with r giant when the changed it from 8-7. Which made it more balanced. (Ignoring the fact that it was broken with mirror but that’s only because the mirror made the 8 elixir egiant more broken than the original 8 elixir…)

I don’t think the Phoenix nerf will do much. I opt for the next change if not much changes between the two that they make them more like the Prince Mini PEKKA relationship.

Finally,they heard us! Miner was nerfed!