eSports Profile: sk_555

Hey everyone at RoyaleAPI, it’s been a while since I submitted my most recent form request. I contacted SML and he told me to open a Support ticket here if it still wasn’t updated, so here I am!

I’ll just quickly reiterate the request in case you need it. My current RoyaleAPI profile has my two main accounts linked up (sk_555 #Y0Y8YJVV and LegendaryPop #P2CR80Y2P); I’ve recently started up two new accounts, so I wanted to link them to my profile as well. The two accounts and their player tags are:

  1. BondBerry #Q90CYPL8R
  2. esskay #PC9VQGJJY

I would really appreciate it! Thank you very much! :grin:

@alpe123 please take a look

Could I ask if there are any updates on this? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much!

@alpe123 Please take a look.

@sk_555 Alpe has been very busy and he’s the only one who can do this. We are looking into ways where we can have more team members involved but right now unfortunately there isn’t much we can speed this up — editing the esports profiles require trusted access and so we can’t just open it up to 10-20 volunteers like we could with translations.

Hey, I understand. Thank you very much for the clarification and follow-up. Would you have any idea when I could expect this to be updated by him? It’s mostly pressing because I’d like to have everything connected for my YouTube Channel, since I list out all of my accounts and their APIs in my descriptions / Channel Information section. I’ve been uploading a lot of videos on my newest account, which is why I’d like to get it linked as soon as possible. That being said, I do understand the reason for the delay and I appreciate you letting me know. Thanks again, SML.

@sk_555 we really don’t know. he’s been very busy. he said that he will try to update most of the things but honestly I can’t give you an ETA because as mentioned, this is not his full-time job and I can’t really give an estimate on his schedule.

Everything should be up to date now

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