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Hello there RoyaleAPI support.
My Esports section needs an edition. To be more specific, I’d appreciate if Alpe could change my Main team, please. I have explained all the details in the Discord DMs and am writing here so as to not lose my spot in the queue.
Thanks in advance,

As mentioned, you need to provide all the info… but since it’s clear that people never understood what is required to do these things…

DISCOTEQUE is a player with esports info already. His main tag is 29L20Q9C. Recently he has joined Zerozone, which is a verified team.

The team is managed by

He said that he has asked ZZdvdgnz to contact you @alpe123 two weeks ago but hasn’t gotten a reply. He asked when he could expect to see an update and if something went wrong.

This is how specific you need to provide the info — we literally won’t know who you are and make things actionable if you don’t provide any details.

With CRL and stuff we’ve been working on, team updates are a bit delayed. If the team admin has included you in the roster then you just have to wait until we process the changes.

This will most like happen during the following week.

Thank you for your answer guys, will be waiting!

I’m sorry guys, i wanted to know if it’s my turn already.

Thanks for the reply in advance,

Ok @alpe123 he’s had this for 2 months. Worth a look.

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Guys please…

I’m still going through pending requests. I go through all of them in order, so please be patient.

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