Esport Profile KevoIsGod

Hello. Please remove Ángel Ramírez™ #9CGL29LG from my known profiles as this account aren’t mine.

Also add the following esport achievements: World Royale League (WRL) season 1
Scandinavia #4 2018-09-18

GWBPS 64 #1 price 350€ (409$) 2020-05-29
GWBPS 73 #3 price 150€ (175$) 2020-06-03
Prize Pool gwbps 64: 600€ (700$)

November 2019 #5 NaifSR #8PQ9JVJY
May 2019 #7 NaifSR #8PQ9JVJY
August 2019 #7 NaifSR #8PQ9JVJY
April 2019 #10 Don✌️Palestina #9U8Q8GUG9

I already requested this through the esport form few weeks ago without getting any help.

Some of these achievements are already assigned to the profiles of other players, so that’s probably why your request was rejected.

We’d need some proof and more information to know if these achievements are yours, otherwise we won’t be able to add them.

You can see all ladder achievements through my accounts. (Check the tags and season I provided)
What kind of proof are you looking to get for WRL? Agreement from a teammate from
I could show you the gift card codes the guy from GWBPS sent me.

Ladder finishes are publicly listed for everyone, so we’d need something else to verify this information.

Regarding WRL, the organisers provided us the full rosters of the participants. Confirmation from a friend is not enough to overwrite the data we have gathered from other sources.

What do you need to verify the ladder finishes?

There’s not something specific that we can ask for. If you have anything that can be used as proof, like old social media posts, we’ll take a look and decide if it’s enough evidence

I did not use Twitter back in 2019 when I got them, My Twitter is @kevoisgod if you’d like to check it out. All finishes were achieved in my own accounts which you can see is connected in my esport profile.

Our ladder finishes log isn’t based on account ownership. So sorry, unless there is contemporary proof that we can check we can’t add this achievement to your profile.

We are rejecting your request due to your intent to deceive us and submit bogus information.

Our resources are limited, and wasting our time with these issues isn’t something that we appreciate. Please don’t make more requests in the future.