Edit my profile in Royaleapi app

I have three topics I want to tell.
:white_check_mark:First,I want you to delete #RGCJ0YY9Q from known profile.
:white_check_mark:Second,I want to add my Twitter account @MsOo__CR on #GPJLQGJQU profile in Royaleapi profile.
:white_check_mark:Third,I want you to add #RGCJ0YY9Q on #GPJLQGJQU profile in Royaleapi app.

My country is Japan. I want you to make ESports information name かぐや様.

Sorry, we can’t create a profile if you don’t list your main account

Then,I want you to make ESports profile.
This is my Main account.
player name is LFC MsOo❤️辉夜
player tag #GPJLQGJQU
ESports profile name → MsOo
Twitter https://twitter.com/msoo__cr?s=21 @MsOo__CR
Is this Ok?

Sorry, that account can’t be added as a main account

Why is that?
I want to know that reason.

We don’t give details of our admission process, we can’t share with you the exact reason

Then, I can’t make my ESports profile forever, Ok?

What should I do to create my ESports profile?
How can my request be approved?

We have received countless requests from you trying to submit bogus information. So yes, as a consequence you aren’t allowed to have an esports profile.

Why do you think it is disinformation?
They are my real Clash Royale account,real my Twitter.

Please, don’t submit any more requests.