CRL Win Badges

Hi There! So, I had an Doubt, and wanted to clear it. Therefore sorry to Take your time. So there I start, I want to ask How to get the CRL 20 wins or 10 wins Badge. Please reply to me soon, and A Brief would be enough.

Thanks in advance!
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@SML @alpe123

There are no 10 wins badge. CRL 20 win badges were given out in 3 20-win challenges which happened once in 2018 and twice in 2019.

Ohh K. So, there is no more chance to get the badge right? And I just wanted to ask Was that tournament Hosted by Supercell or Creators.


Those were in-game challenges, so they weren’t really hosted by anyone. Content creators had nothing to do with them, if that’s what you are asking.

The badge might be available again if Supercell decides to create a new edition of the challenge at some point, but it’s unknown if that will happen.

Ohh Thanks for Telling me and Clearing my Doubts @SML and @alpe123. And sorry to waste your time.

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