Clash Royale Summer Update (June 2022, Q2 Update)

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Mastery notif skip is the only thing I need, 11/10 update

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that and animation skip

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We can get the Donations Badge with (8 level upgraded) if we had donated already more than 100,000 cards?

please give legendary chests for level 1 players🙏🏻

I have 1300 card collection badge progress but the badge is at level 7 instead of 8, so level 8 requires more than 1200 as your post states.

How long will the frame and decorations would be available in Banner Box?

There is a mega knight decoration in the banner box but I am unable to unlock it (I have spent all of my gems but yet I didn’t got it). So till when will this decoration appear in the banner box - this season, the next or will it last forever?

Mega knight is my favorite card and I want its decorations :innocent: