Clash Royale Season 37 Mini Pekka’s Dream (July 2022)

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now where are the balances?

come next month

Why is Mega Knight listed as a win condition? He doesn’t target buildings and he doesn’t have the ability to appear anywhere on the map like graveyard or goblin barrel. This chart doesn’t help new players, as they might be convinced into using him as their sole win condition.

*also isn’t a siege building like the x-bow or mortar that can hit across the arena

These categories were made by Supercell. We didn’t create it. We also didn’t make the names of these categories. You can consider them as “Win Conditions + Tanks”. Just think about it— if you don’t put Mega Knight in that category, where would you put him?

Pretty sure you will end up putting them where he is right now.

c’mon, a TON of mid and low ladder players use MK as a win-con, and most players are in the low and mid-ladder, and a lot of low trophy players do consider MK a win-con, so I mean, by popular opinion.

Only 5 days remain until end of this season and I just collected last tokens from Ramp-Up challenge and I’m still 5 banners away from collecting all banners without spending any gems, many posts, threads on reddit and youtubers claimed we will have enough tokens to claim all banners but this is simply no true.