Clash Royale Season 21 Birthday Royale Emote Giveaway

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I played the Tournament today and after that I don’t know what to do …please help me

Please help me out

You don’t need to do anything — just click ok and close. As long as you are listed in the tournament result page, and you have played at least a battle, you will get the emote in 1-7 days

Thanks for replying me, I was listed in the tournament result page with a rank#123 … Thanks again for replying

Do you get the bonus for being Top 3 in the creator tournaments?

Only in tournaments hosted by us

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Hallo everyone
WILL I GET THE BONUS PRIZE? Because I finished top 1 the tournament.

When will i get emote on my lvl1 account?

@SirSuperMario The bonus prize is only applicable to tournaments that we (RoyaleAPI) host.

@Telsa if you have won the giveaway then you will get it in 2-7 days. If it’s not delivered in 7 days then please report it. thanks!