Clash Royale March 2022 Season Birthday Royale (Season 33)

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Pretty good season, i can’t wait, When will be the website actived?

March 8 i assume

On March 8

I am really glad I play this game. My birthday is on 12 March. 3 & 6 is my lucky number based on zodiac site. There’s too much coincidence in my life. Season 33, 6th anniversary l am gonna buy this season pass for my own birthday present. Cheers = )

Dear developers,
Is there a way you can show the amount of people that have joined each team on the royalecrowndown? With that information we will have more chances to win.

I doubt they’ll share it. Although based on the limited information we have, it seems that scores will be related to winrates instead of raw wins; so having a bigger team shouldn’t be an advantage, maybe the opposite.