Clash Royale July 2024 WIP Balance Changes (Season 61)

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I love this balance changes a lot!

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evo wiz is already balance dont do that supercell

No no no, prince and ram rider will still be broken at 2 tiles. Must be 2.5 tiles and dark prince must be included there.


the best balance changes specially the DD and goblin machine

Spot on Balance Changes. Surprised to see the Balance Change team be so accurate with their nerfs.

Generally good balance changes but I had some feedback

Goblin Curse - Should be enough
Goblin Demolisher - Death Damage nerf of 13% is not enough. I think it should be 20-25%. Or consider reducing its HP by 7% also
Goblin Machine - All 3 the HP, first hit time and Rocket first hit time nerf are needed but together they should be enough
Prince, Ram Rider - 2 tiles should be enough
Evo Wizard - Not enough. Include a shield knockback tiles nerf
Dagger Duchess - Should be enough. Depleted hit speed is not something I am very clear on what it means. Is the reload time for the duchess increasing or the hit speed decreasing? I am guessing the hit speed is the same when the duchess has daggers or doesn’t, but when she does not have daggers she requires 0.8s to first reload it and then 0.3s to fire it, if the dagger recharge speed is being increased then I support that change since she will still have the initial burst effect but she will now be more ineffective after all her daggers are depleted

Bro i like these, but where Cannon Cart buff? Or rework it cuz i love CC and it needs more love.

don’t nerf ram rider she has 27% usage rzte but don’t let that fool u she otherwise to weak and needs a buff definitely the meta also favors her so i think if u nerf that she will js be killed cause remember its 5 elixir and any building used to counter it she is really not that op prince could get this nerf but i just think this is to early to tell and duchess nerf is not enough if u nerf her, dont make her js a worse duchess but still 80% useage rate the usage rate should be 30% max and buff canoneer the nerf really killed it…

Give dark prince the same charge buff and these change will be perfect

Bro’s mad that his broken ram rider is getting nerfed and he’s in denial to accept that she’s op. Even with her charging every 1.5 tiles which is nothing it’s still not enough for you? What next, let’s just remove her walking phase and let her charge all the time?

But I agree with you that duchess needs a nerf, it’s still the best tower troop.

Goblin curse, Goblin demolisher and Goblin machine nerfs - all seem good. All of these 3 are broken as hell.

Wizard nerf is also perfect. The shield dying to arrows and almost to log really makes more sense.

Prince and ram rider nerfs - good but I would make them 2.5 tiles. Still better than nothing.

Dutchess nerf - I’m assuming the nerf means just regular hit speed nerf and I really hope this will finally put her in place. Most annoying thing ever along with firecracker.

Thank GOD for these balance changes

The dagger duchess nerf is dumb. First of all, the pheonix will now respawn when left unattended. 2nd of all, after all players, f2p and p2w invested their resources into it they decide to nerf it. They should do another nerf to it because pheonix isn t in the need of a buff

I REALLY love these changes! One thing to note is that wizard’s shield still survives Log. Which means the cheapest spell to take out the shield would be arrows and this means the nerf is not game changing at all. I would like the nerf percentage to go higher to 25% as that would allow more spell variety to take out the shield.

My Balance wishlist:

Void safe spot that was gone after the update should comeback.

Golden Knight needs some love, worst champion in the game.

My idea to buff him is: when he successfully dashes on the tower, the dash would go further inside the tower (like the mega knight and bandit) so it’s impossible to re-target him by pushing him away with a troop.

Barbarian Hut: +1 barbarian on death (1 —> 2). Just a bit better.

Balance changes for July are pretty good this time! Though I would like to share my thoughts for each card:

Goblin Curse - Good change but because it has a 35% amplification to every troop (for ex. gs) it becomes easier to take it out for just 2 elixir. I suggest change the elixir cost from 2 → 3
Goblin demolisher - Great nerf should be fine
Goblin machine - Would be very happy if the third one is guaranteed to be added but otherwise I think its enough
Prince & Ram rider - Ram is fine but for prince i think is still not enough and would probably need its charge distance increased more (2 → 2.5)
Evo Wizard - Not enough. Decrease the knockback and/or damage of the shield causes since it will still survive log.
Duchess - Its fine however I would like to see the damage be nerfed again from 112 → 109 (same as princess tower) so it does not get that tiny extra dps than it.

Since the balance changes next month are not going to include buffs, here are some i suggest based off the meta:

Golden knight (buff): Increase his dash damage by 10%. He is by far the worst champion in the game so adding it would align him with the other ones.
Sparky (buff): Increase her hitpoints by 3%, just barely enough to survive rocket. She is barely versatile at all in this meta and can easily be taken out or reset. In my opinion, there is still so much rocket cycle in ranked/top ladder which makes sparky even worse.
Evo ice spirit (buff): Increase splash radius from 2 → 3.5 tiles and the freeze duration from 1.2s → 2s. These two buffs should help it as the splash radius is larher than a bomb and for each freeze gives you more time to defend or offend based off your situation.

Dd needs to be nerfed more

Evo wizard shouldn’t be nerfed it has a lower winrate than Evo spirit right now

  1. Goblin Curse nerf seems good

  2. They need to go a bit farther with the goblin demolisher nerf. He’ll still be too good. Id like to see his health over time diminish faster than it currently does when hes at half or lower, along with the nerfs mentioned in the announcement.

  3. Love the Goblin Machine nerf. Seems perfect.

  4. Prince and Ram nerfs seem like the perfect middle ground.

  5. Does Evo Wizard really need this nerf? His stats arent overwhelming, his normal version is awful, id leave him be for now. Go nerf evo zap or something

  6. Another dutchess nerf. While i agree shes probably still a bit too strong, i think the REAL reason why the dutchess and cannoneer will continue to far outclass princess is the fact that princess cant kill a single spirit or wallbreaker by herself.

  7. Buff the princesses damage slightly to be able to kill a single spirit or wallbreaker by herself. She’ll never be on the level of the other tower troops until she can.

  8. Its time to buff the lower used champions, and the lower used evos (or preferbly their normal versions). Theyve been bad for SO long. Cards like golden knight, evo royal giant, royal recruits really need some help.