Clash Royale February 2022 Season Lava Hound Sneak Peek (Season 32)

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Was there a change to the chest cycle? Royal Wild chests used to come up 2 per cycle (every 80-100) but after the one I just got it says my next one is a full cycle away (195). This especially hurts as a f2p who is just about to unlock Champions. Is there a blog on the new cycle? I didn’t see one. Thanks.

There isn’t a new cycle. It seems that you next RWC was scheduled for +106 chests, but it will be replaced by an Epic Chest.

Epic, Legendary and Mega Lightning chests are assigned over the cycle and replace the default chests, so although it is unfortunate, it does happen sometimes.

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Oh okay thanks. That’s some bad luck for me, but I’ll definitely take one round of bad luck over losing half the RWC chests! Thanks so much for the reply, I had never noticed that happening before but it makes sense.

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