Clash Royale December Q4 2022 Update

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my king level is 13 this Card Boost Potion is pretty useless for me, i think it shouldn’t be limited to the king level

training camp issue: eg trainer cheddar II, is normally supposed to be lvl13, but due to the new update he is now lvl6

play a challenge: its a daily task that asked you to play in a challenge, now it doesnt appear if youre not in one

request card: a daily task that asked you to request a card, now it doesnt appear if youre not in a clan

also the update is coming out on dec 12 aka tomorrow

Thanks for your comments — I have amended the post with your remarks.

Regarding the date — we weren’t allowed to talk about the update date unless we’ve been given permission to do so. Shortly after our post was originally published, Supercell told us that it’s ok to include the update date, so we have updated the post to include it.

apologies if you dont have an idea and im just wasting your time for something that i can learn literally tomorrow but do you know which emotes are getting added to the shop

This is not within the list of topics I can discuss, sorry.

1 hour for a card boost?! Supercell, explain to me why it’s one hour and not like one day or one week. Like an actual card boost. Like I when we had the Bone Pit season, you guys boosted multiple cards for like a week at different times of the season. I think this potion needs a buff of some sort. Thanks

is this the appropriate place for suggestions also?
i want to suggest that the card boost potion should last for a certain amount of games (my suggestion is 10 or 15) instead of lasting for an hour (though if not used within a few days it expires, just like how super troops work on coc)
this change will increase its value while simultaneously allowing for safer use so you dont have to play cr for an hour straight

Add ultimate champion games replay at tv royale pls

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The Android News Royale feed fix is in regards to the News Royale tab being broken on Android phones. At least on my phone, opening news royale gives me an empty screen with no news.

Thanks for the info. I have amended the post.

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What is the blurred out emote?