Clash Royale Champions Update and Season 29 Sneak Peek

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Thank you for all of the great information, that’s even more info than they gave in the video! I will be saving the rest of my gold for level 14 upgrades but am still unsure whether to spend my star points during Slash Royale. Unlike gold, it looks like I get no benefit post-update from holding them and should star point as many cards as possible during this event, would you agree?

@JAWS Correct. Star Levels will reduce in costs after the update drops. At Level 1, they will be the same as the Slash Royale price, and at Level 2-3, the 50% off during Slash Royale will always be better.

You are also correct in stating that they there’s no reason for you to hold onto them. They are a different types of “currency” and they don’t affect anything else in the game besides your ability to buy Star Levels.


Thanks for all the info, you are amazing.

I understand most of the people like to see illustrations with simpler words, but at least in my case I’d like to see some data, I’m curious about the new chest cycle and in which chest we can find Champions, for example I see in a sneak peek that Legendary King’s Chest include 1 champion.

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Hi :wave:
To upgrade card from lvl 13 to 14 how much xp we will earn ?

Should I raise my Legends to level 13 with Slash Royale?

My question comes if it compensates me to receive the 16 cards “free” for having them at level 13 at the beginning of the new update or if it is better not to upgrade them to 13 and wait.

Thanks in advance.

You will earn 2000 XP upgrading from 13 to 14.

Ok. If I have time, I’ll make some new charts. The truth is that these charts will probably continue to be useful when the update is actually live. I know for myself that when I play a game, although I would like to know about the changes before hand, it’s easier to relate to when I actually get my hands onto them. I am quite busy right now prepping for the site changes required for the update but I have noted your key request!


When the update is live, you’ll be reimbursed by the material cost. Referring to this chart:

Upgrading Legendaries before update to Level 13 will take 36 cards. After the update, upgrading to Level 14 will take 42 cards. Technically, upgrading from 13 to 14 will take 20 cards, but because of the reimbursement, it will take 6 cards only, there by starting your Legendary upgrades with 14/20 progress.

See: King Level 14 - Clash Royale 2021 Autumn Game Update | Blog - RoyaleAPI

Note: in your question you asked if you’d get “16” cards free. That number should be 14.

Thanks for your response
In the social media some news published about gold refound about 45k for each card we maxed out is it true?
And upgrade low lvl card to earn XP and reach to 14 KL is it right strategy?
I also noticed star points available from lvl 6 and a
new playerr with lvl 6 KL when upgrade a epic card to lvl 7 will get 25 star point as well is there any star point will belong to old players?

This is untrue — or maybe you have misread the info.

What is being refunded is the material cost. It doesn’t apply to gold costs.

The detail about the refund is well summarized here:

You can see that only the cards (material costs) are refunded.

Yes, all the Star Points you would’ve earned from upgrades made after KL6 will be sent to you when the update is live.

Thank you.

Those charts are extremely useful.

One big key factor deciding whether Champions will be usable is estimating when they could be upgradable to level 14. For this, it is vital to assess how many of them it will be possible to get in a season (from CWII, royal tournaments, pass royale, and chest cycle), so knowing how the chest cycle will look like, as well as the composition of each chest is needed.

Thanks for the awesome work! May I ask after the champions die, how many cards do you have to play before you get the champion in your hand again? cuz judging from the gamplay the creators shown, it seems so random and this is a huge deal in calculating both your own’s and opponent’s cycle. Thanks in advance.

This is a bit difficult to tricky to answer in text. I’ll make something visual and cycle back to you later on, ok? Most likely we will write about it also.

The short answer is that it will take between 2-4 cards until you’ll get Champion back in your hand. To explain why would require the blog post promised above.

wow thank you for the quick response. I know it is tricky all along as I paid special attention to the demo battle gameplay and found the cycle inconsistent. Thanks again and please keep up the awesome work :slight_smile:

Did they change the amount of XP you get from cards, for example is the card upgrade from level 11-12 still 800 XP. Should I upgrade my cards now to gain the most amount of XP ? Or should I wait?

According to some videos of the developer build apk, the upgrade of cards still give the same amount of XP/Star Points

We understand this is not like the others update, this one need a lot of changes to your site. Keep the great job, now for sure I’m going to use your code in the store.