Clash Royale 2023 Roadmap

New level? When FTP guys even now have NO chance to max even one of their champs? Oof, thats definitely Cringe.
If card levels were not only ‘pay us’ thing, then i think SC would have make a challenge mode, when you can use different levels (e.g. both players can +2 levels on chosen card to make it more powerful and change interactions). This can put a levels mechanics on a use. But no, focusing on standard says - you need all maxed or you lose, kek.

I’m collecting dragon things and if i wont have an animated dragon banner i will be disappointed because of this update.

No unit skins (only ebarbs on touchdown lol), no usage of old game mods like tochdown or this announced 4-deck ban thing,…

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Hola me parece muy interesante las nuevas cosas que están proponiendo creo que cambiaran el juego y este será mucho mas atractivo para todos, hay pequeñas cosas que hace mucho no cambian como los diálogos en una partida que ya hace falta nuevos diálogos, ejemplo: ganas una batalla fácil y le pones un dialogo al rival como de: copia mi mazo, yo veo que es muy restringida la comunicación en batalla solo algunos textos básicos que ya aburren y luego solo emotes, seria bueno nuevos textos mas creativos para que los jugadores interactúen en las partidas, otra cosa es guerra de clanes donde veo que lo del barco no tiene sentido porque aunque no tengas defensas en tu barco si al final del día tu clan gana por la mínima diferencia el segundo puesto no tiene opción de superarlo usando su barco a toda su capacidad ya que la los puntos del barco son menores a la diferencia de puntos por ganar el día así que veo inútil la idea del barco. Saludos

Why don’t they increase the card level to 16? It will be the same thing as last time, I would upgrade all my cards within few months and then get bored with the game. Also, one more thing, increase the GOLD coin level to 10 million coins. It’s stupid to have a 5 million level limit when SC keeps increasing the card levels.

Pass Royale will be a must buy every season? R.I.P f2p players?


Me being a F2P player, I think the update is unnecessary and is supercell trying to rinse the game of even more money.


As another F2P player I REALLY don’t get this. It is already a pain to get a champion to level 13 which takes almost a year and then after that I need 20 cards(2-3 years) to get it to level 14. Level 15 would be physically impossible and take A FULL DECADE of F2P to actually collect without paying money to buy pass royale or other things in the shop. The buff to pass royale making it a “must buy” will kill F2P. The season currency and better rewards are great but P2W is not good. We want to PLAY Clash Royale not Pay Cash Royale


I’m going to quit the game if they introduce level 15. There is no reason they need to introduce a new card level other than they are trying to do a massive cash grab. They could implement whatever feature they want to implement at level 14. Also level 14 came out about a year ago and they’re already introducing a new card level? This is just a blatant cash grab and I am going to boycott the game if they introduce a new card level. I’m tired of the blatant disrespect to the community with these cash grabs.

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I agree this update will make me quit the game if they actually release a level 15 card update.

I personally like the roadmap, EXCEPT for lvl 15. I think this change would be one of the worst changes to clash royale let alone any supercell game. It only benefits fully maxed players, which is only a handful of them. It would make the end goal of many players, maxing their accounts basically impossible. this isnt like clash of clans where you have less to do when youre fully maxed, you can still play the game normally, and I would argue this is where the game TRULY becomes more fun as you can use any decks you want. lvl 15 would just make it impossible to reach this end goal. This is goning to make a lot of players quit the game at it makes it a lot more pay to win and will completely kill it, as it would become basically impossible to max for a non-pro player, who plays the game kinda casually. I think this is one of the worst additions to the game and supercell should definitely be stopped here.

This roadmap is really good but there are some problems with the lvl 15.

It only benifits the fully maxed players and is only a trouble for a ‘free to play’ player. I am a F2P player and it would be really difficult to collect 800K coins to max my deck again. We will be able to collect some of the coins through slash royale but it will not help us much.

If you are planning to add lvl 15 then please refund us the coins also along with the cards. (which we had spent to max our cards earlier)

Hello again!
I just got a new idea for lvl 15. Which will make lvl 15 much acceptable to F2P players.

  1. You should limit the card upgrades for particular king level. Like if I am level 11 then I can upgrade my card only upto level 12. Or if I am level 12 then I can upgrade my cards to level 13.
    Since the upgrades would be restricted after certain limits, so the pressure on players to max their cards would be reduced. It is just similar to clash of clans, where we need to upgrade our townhall for further upgrades.

NOTE - For those players who have already upgraded their cards. Don’t decrease their card level instead cap them. Or else many players will quit the game.

  1. You should add new tower skins for each king level. This will make this game more better and will make it more fun to see new levels. Where all can find new tower skins.

The complaining about lvl 15 is getting old!! Level 15 already is in the game!!! You make a card lvl15 with maxed out mirror. And everyone that’s upset about " pass royale must have " saying its a cash grab, or that SC is just gready, are in the same boat. Do you all forget that for some people this is a job? You know its their livelihood, how they take care of their families. Sorry them wanting to be paid for their hard work. And besides that, ITS ONLY $5!!! If you think 5 dollars is expensive, or is to much for a game, or whatever other lame reason you have to complain then you have bigger problems then these new updates coming. And btw, just because you buy the pass, doesn’t automatically make you this super advanced player that just walks through matches. The only thing that changes is you get some extra chests and gold. And you quiters,…OMG ARE YOU THE WORST!!! You’re all like those people that say their quitting social media, but have to be super dramatic and leave a big post that they’re quitting. Just do us all a favor, quit now so we don’t have to hear your whiny, toxic, crybaby attitudes in the next few months when they drop these updates.

P.s. idc whatever comment you put, or name you call me, a waste of your time. I don’t care enough to be baited into an argument with some karen over how unfair things in this game are for you.

I think they rush with the lv 15… Its too soon…We make gold so hard and they add lv 15 ? i miss old CR where they changing the game with the war and other stufs:(

unless players who have their decks maxed out completely will still have that same max level after the l15 update i think that this is legitimately going to ruin the game. Been playing for almost 7 years now!!! And this is coming from a player who is certainty willing to buy the pass and even offers occasionally (200€+ spent). This makes me very worried about the future of this game, even though i am prolly gonna max my main deck no matter what

this is a game for children bro. U are actually delusional to the point its fucking hilarious. I am very willing to spend excessive amounts on this game but i will never get to such a ridiculous standpoint as yours. What the actual fuck

Finally someone who speaks the truth

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That is what I’m saying!! I agree with you! I spend on this game, as well as most of the other mobile games i play…im just sick to death that everytime i get on to read some new info on the update, im flooded with ppl bitching about price, and not fair, and they’re quitting!!! Its fucking old!! Either quit or play! Idc Either way, just stop flooding ever message board with bullshit

Thing is: for me, I reached the end of the game. There came a lot of progression possibilities for newer players but there needs to be more content for end game. And a new level brings exactly that, as well as the path of legends. There is more gold than ever around. I have all my jokers and cards boosts maxed out since There is not card for me to use it on. I appreciate this. But I get your point. There should be a level cap for the league you’re in. there is a cap for challenges and the path of legends. The clan war creates a real incentive to level your cards. I think it’s well balanced all around.

I absolutely hate the idea of level 15 why can’t we have interesting updates without having a cash grab I say the update would be fine without the level 15

Do be honest all i care about is balancing witch and wizard so heres my suggested buffs

Wizard Hit Speed -30% (1.4 sec to 1.0 sec)
Witch Hit Speed -9% (1.1 sec to 1.0 sec)

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