Clash Royale 2023 Roadmap

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To be fair I want a refund of my gold for maxing cards

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they gotta add more ways to earn star points at this point, come on supercell

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Move the Party! mode to be one of the scroll option alongside Trophy Road and Path of Legends. It is very inconvenient where it currently is located.


For me, i dont think level 15 is a good idea. It will certainly make it more difficult for players with less time playing(like me) to enjoy the game.

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I really liked what supercell is doing with seasonal challenges, rewards and major is level 15 they should add strategies /powers/ability to troops …so they can be used in different decks and archetypes…would love if u put the party button on the third click /option…after the trophy road,path of legends and then it should be party button… btw love your roadmap 2023 idea :heart::heart::100:

FYI these are not our ideas — these are what the Clash Royale team is working on. They will appear in the game soon.

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They could add a section in the store to redeem codes for rewards

As f2p player i see the game getting more p2w, because the pass royale is getting an buff. And an extra level.

i love this, i buy pass, update needs to happen now

If they add level 15 imma quit the game, 1 year to Max my miner deck just to Max it again? As f2p this is impossible


How is there not more pushback against level 15? It’s completely unacceptable we can’t allow them to add another level under the pretense of new mechanics. They are perfectly capable of adding those mechanics to level 14 cards it painfully obvious they just want more money. An even playing field (in a competitive game!!) at Level 14 is already hard enough to reach, the community absolutely cannot allow them to make it even harder.


I agree, I have about 20 level 14 cards and I don’t want to have to max them again, especially the legendaries. The only thing I like about the idea of level 15 is it’s a more satisfying number. In every other way I hate it.


Some of the other stuff sounds cool though, and the challenge revamp will be nice.

Maxing cards is already hard as it is. Level 15 widens the gap between F2P and P2W


i agree with you major i buy sucks for everyone else

A important info is that I am have a maxed account.

First of all I am grateful about that we now have a roadmap, I keep spending gold on star points that I don’t need and now if gold is needed to upgrade to level 15, I am happy that I will be able to save it. I think
everyone should do the same instead of upgrading card they don’t use, etc. I like the general focus that we can play what we want and earn what we want in those updates.

Seasonal currency and seasonal shop is an amazing feature, I just played challenges for emotes or banner tokens or some special new modes, now if we are able to get a currency and select what we want I love it 10/10.

Change in events, obviously we don’t have all the details but it look promising, I like to play again all the super cards, in some moment I thought that expanding the party mode to 2 or 3 differents modes by week was a better approach but I like it to have this as an events. 9/10

Pass Royale, great, another thing tat doesn’t change in some time as events. I was a little be worried they would add something like various tiers of Pass Royale, but I like this approach of selecting rewards and that is great. 8/10

New gameplay, here we don’t have much information but the hype is high, and it looks like it won’t be just an upgrade of number but special powers and that is very good for the game. Hype 10/10

Level 15, I am maxed player and adding progress to the game is good for me, still the last level was added at October 2021, 2 years after, a new level. I think is too early for most of the players, still I hope to see some events like the Slash Royale and some ways to add progress, of course all of this is without knowing in which way we are going to upgrade to level 15 , maybe is different or we need something else, but still I put this a 8/10 for me and 5/10 for community


I don’t understand why lvl 15 if only few people are full maxed :exploding_head::x:

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“Pass Royale will be a must buy every season”
Funny how this game no longer pretending to not be a pay to win

It is a f*@%ing nightmare to be underleveled. Getting to max levels is absolutely neccesary to be able to use most of the meta decks, to play competitivly. Now it seems like every 1.5 years SC will be adding another lvl to the game making it impossible to ever max out.
Is there no better more rational way to encourage players to stay in the game besides adding another year of grinding into their game experience?