Chest Cycle - Clash Royale 2022 Q3 Update

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Thanks for sharing the info, very much appreciated!

That being said, I really don’t like the change. It will take roughly twice as long to reach a RWC, so we can say we’ll get half as many champions from the chest cycle. Also having to get only 3 chests/day on average means playtime will probably go down as well.

This isn’t true. It will take 40% longer, not 100%. . The amount of magical chests per cycle was tripled and keep in mind that gold chests have a far higher chance to drop legendaries and champions (8x higher than silver chests) and give 4x more gold. It’s a very big buff to progression.

I beg to disagree. The chance of getting a champion from the gold or magical chest is real slim. Though a gold chest has 4 times the gold of a silver chest, the unlock time is also approximately tripled. And for nearly maxed players who just want the new legendary and champion, only the royal wild chests guarantee them and they are the most reliable source other than the 2500 gems legendary king chests. So taking a longer time to get one is a real bummer. But for average players who need more of every resource, yea it is kinda a progression buff, though not as huge as it sounds.

They should replace the Epic Chest with the Champion Chest in the 500 chest cycle. That way it still is rare as it is not part of the regular chest cycle, but will also allow free players to upgrade Champions just a little bit faster. That plus you can get Epics from the shop, trade tokens, and Epic Sunday.

Absolutely brutal nerf for the chest cycle IMO. Normal cycle jumps from 44 days to 61 with zero additional guaranteed champions (I mean they could have at least added a third RWC to keep it on pace).It also crushes the separate 500 chest cycle for the mega lightning chest. Average overall chest time jumped +2.5 hours by getting rid of the silvers. So for the 500 chest cycle it adds another seven weeks.

Also, they basically got rid of chest speed up boosts. I used to get 4 per season by reaching 6000 trophies. Now it looks like only one time boosts for reaching a new arena. Hope they find a way to bring those back.

Well, there’s a basically free champion wild card and a second harder to get champ wild card in the path of legends, so I’m pretty sure if you’re good to get the second wild card it’s an overall buff to champ progression

It’s the worst adjustment in chest cycles. The previous one reduce silver chests but also reduce the number of chests to keep a whole cycle roughly the same time length (1052 hours), so you still get two Royale Wild Chest per 1052 hours. Now the time length is 40% longer, so it takes (basically) 40% longer to get a champion.

Also, gold chest is not as good as many people thought. It’s about 3.5x the value of silver chest, but takes 2.7x the time to unlock, so they are roughly the same value per time. (Compare to magical chest with more than 25x value but only 4x time) The chance to get a legendary/champion in them are minimal you can just ignore it. You probably won’t get a single champion in gold chest in a year.

It also totally breaks the 500 cycle mega lightning chest. I mentioned this problem in previous chest cycle adjustments but the impact was small. Now you need 40% more time to get one.

The only benefits is that you can spend less time in game LOL. 3 wins and you can unlock those chests for a day.