Changing Pro tag

Hello, I would like to change the name of my esport profile and also perhaps the region, would that be possible

It depends, do you have more accounts?

thank you for responding, yes i have 2 accounts and i would want to change my esports name and region for my first/main and then link my second account as well, would that be possible?

I would like to change my esport name to ้™ˆๅ† ๅธŒ and the region to china, also my second account is #UVCRPGJY and perhaps you can link it to my profile as well, thank you very much!!!

That wonโ€™t be possible, these accounts arenโ€™t valid to create a new esports profile

whats the standard for valid, is there a verification needed?

I see that the esports profile has been removed, can i apply for a new one?

You can apply, but it will be rejected, we canโ€™t create new profiles base on these accounts