Buff Nightwitch

Hey there,

It has been some time since the night witch has been viable in the meta at all, and I think the next upcoming balance changes might be the ideal time to do it. I think by buffing this card, it might encourage more beatdown rather than miner/poison cycle which might indirectly nerf it (in a way). Give the night witch her old death bats back, every single one of them. There was a time where the night witch was pretty balanced with them, and not opressingly overpowered (as it was at its release) prior to the 2021 Q3 update. As a whole this rework will make up for her fragile health, which she often can be ignored rather than demand a response like other cards can (i.e. the knight, valk, royal ghost, bandit, executioner). When defending with the nightwitch, she takes so much damage that there is no counter push potential as any one of these cards can take her health down quite easily on your own side of the arena.

Thanks, and please consider this,