Boot Camp - Clash Royale Season 46 (April 2023)

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After seeing the Electro Dragon banners, I think it would be nice if it got a balance change if it’s not too late.
Electro Dragon Buff:
Movement Speed: Medium → Fast

The Electro Dragon is a troop that plays both a supportive and defensive role. It does this by providing support to tanks and providing a stun attack to help slow down enemy troops/buildings. But I think this role is done better, for the most part, by Zappies. With this buff, the card will shift into functioning in a supportive and offensive role. The electro dragon deals a moderate amount of damage but is hindered by its hit speed and its medium movement speed. If it could get to its target faster it would remove one of the factors limiting its damage potential. What makes this more balanced than when the Mighty Miner got this buff, is the hit points. The electro dragon is a 5-elixir card with less health than the baby dragon. It can get countered by many cards and dies to lightning or rocket.

*The electro dragon has about average usage and win rate and so is not in need of a buff. But I think this change would help shake up the meta a little. Not becoming toxic such as with mirror(+2 levels) or current archers.

It’s a bit to early for April fool guys! Never ever they change path of legends to mega draft for the whole April season! It must be joke!!! Please let it be a joke

I do really like this season, and I like that so many wild cards are available in shop, which will definitely benefit F2P players like myself! I am disappointed in the mega draft though. It’s a fun game, but I’ve always preferred playing PoL over Ladder just because it gives me opportunities to try out new decks more frequently whereas being at 6500 trophies on ladder does not… So a permanent mega draft POL would eliminate that. Is supercell planning on making the mega draft permanent? Or is it just for this season? Because if it were just April I could accept that and then in May we’d go back to normal.

Who in their right mind thought people would want to play mega draft for an entire season straight? I was relatively indifferent about the rest of the changes regardless of all the hate they’re getting, but this by far has to be the worst. It’s a fun mode once in a while but it shouldn’t replace the entire competitive side of the game. My levels don’t matter this season, nor does any competitive aspect. There is nothing else to play besides PoL for a lot of people.

Hi SML, wanted to ask, since a new emote is available in the PoL in the left side of rewards, does it mean that other rewards which are also present on the left side of PoL as one time only, are also being made available to collect for this season?

Left side of PoL remains unchanged — once collected they are not available anymore.

In the season shop can I buy archer queen if i haven’t unlocked it. Also how many days in the season thanks.

Is there a reason that PoL is being changed to mega draft. PoL was originally made for players to play competitively at battle using skill instead of card levels. I just hope this is an April Fools joke lmao.

bro like what the heck does supercell think?? they are completely roasting pro players/ comp players and are giving noobs more ways to get ult champion with their filthy mid ladder decks. like I‘m sooo angry rn like the pass rework was shit but ghe draft mode in pol?? that‘s enough for me I can‘t sustain that

“Path of Legends uses card levels of the player collection, so this should be a welcoming change.[…] Being capped at Level 11 is not the same as friendly mode — if you haven’t upgraded all the cards to at least level 11, you’ll be playing underleveled.”

I think this needs a correction. How can this be a welcoming change? You are potentially forced to play with underlevel cards because you are not proposed your level 11 cards? If you were happy enough to have your deck at level 11, you could play the first 3 leagues at max level. Very likely your main deck is roughly level 12, which would allow to also play the next 2, hence guaranteeing at least one champion wild card. Next season, this won’t be possible anymore.

Terrible decision again. They really want to teach you frustration, and waste your gold on cards you wouldn’t max in priority. Someone should tell them that they are developing a game, not a punition.

The welcoming change is being able to play at most at Level 11 and not Level 14. I have amended the copy to make this clearer:

Unlike previous seasons, where leagues have increasingly higher card level requirement, all the leagues will be capped at Level 11. Path of Legends usually uses card levels of the player collection, so being able to play at Level 11 instead of maxed level should be a welcoming change.

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The champion card and the epic book is very costly. After playing the whole season we would be able to collect only 30,000 season tokens and that is not enough to get both of them. Moreover most of the players don’t login the game everyday (once in 2 or 3 days) so it would be much more difficult for them.

Season boost is also not a good idea, who will spend 100 gems for +1000 season tokens.

According to me supercell should either reduce the season boost cost to 20 gems or should remove the daily cap and instead add a season cap.

Only then the new season and update would be fun to play.

I think the path of legends change is fine for one season but if it continues it should be a separate thing like trophy road or it should only be until maybe master 1 (to get emote). This is because it disincentives players who have spent years honing their skills with a single deck and now they are being forced into a game mode where they can’t use their favourite cards/deck

Overall the update really bad for people who regularly buy pass Royale, really good for whales and slightly better for f2p

Gives people a chance thought were people are only good with 1 deck they aren’t

@SML so they will release the update or just the season, if you know something please update us

What ever happened to the level 3 mastery for cards. It was over 6 months ago when we got new ones, so where are they this update.

RoyaleAPI and SML ftw as usual with these season heads-ups.

Quick questions.

  1. Three Crowns in Event Matches (particularly 2v2) aren’t accumulating into our Three Crown total anymore. However, our Total Matches number keeps rising. Is this just a bug and will it be patched?

  2. In your Decks Filter & Sort feature, will there be a way to sift out Event Matchesor are they all lumped into Any Challenges?

  3. Will the 1v1 and 2v2 Event Nodes have weekly rotating Party Modes meaning we will have 4 Party Modes to choose from now?

I recommend that you open a new issue for these as they don’t have anything to do with this season. It’d be impossible for me to remember to come back to look for these questions to answer you.

Commenting unrelated things on a blog post will tend to get lost. We routinely go through posts here that don’t have an answer. We don’t do that for blog comments.