Books of Clash + Super Champion Hog Rider - Clash Royale Season 47 (May 2023)

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What shall I say… There is stuff that is much more needed. The season shop has to be more worthy. 2vs2 Should get you chests again. Diamond pass needs better rewards and or lower price. A distraction season with no changes but a Super Champion Challenge is just not gonna cut it for me to be seen as step in the right direction :confused:

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Thank you for the very well made post and the preview video too.

Just wanted to point out two things.

  1. In the Terry: Transform emote, I think Terry is transformed into a pig, not a bunny. You can see the snort of the pig.
    Also, i think it’s because of mother witch magic, not some magic potion or elixir.

  2. “The season shop will have some banner items as well. We don’t yet know the prices for them.”
    The skeleton bomb and witch dawn banners will come in shop, not in season shop. Right?

Thanks again.
Love Royale API.

Thank you supercell for making us hate clash royale even more! clash royale community manager posted video on twitter that we are not ignoring you and yet april month is over and they haven’t decided to roll back any of those bad updates! at least have some dignity to say that we don’t care about what you have to say about our update! my rant is over have fun playing this stupid game!

They need to make Terry an actual champion. That would at least make me happy. And have something to grind for.

Is path of legends still going to be Mega Draft?

Well then, yet another crappy season and they still haven’t learned anything from last month. Thanks for this. It does save me some money every month.

I honestly agree adding a new super champion is not really what we are looking for and also making the battle pass more expensive definitely an L update but they also did add a lot to the game and made it even better like more game modes and not dropping Areas.

This season looks really fun! Definitely a redemption from this season which honestly felt like a throw-away season. Thumbs up.

Love the fact that I can but legendaries for 1K ST btw, super cheap!

Is there going to be a monthly update for the state of the mega this month or is that too hard to get an accurate look at given how PoL was this season. (So glad they’re reverting it and decided against making it permanent.)

For the next Path of Legend special mode I think they should do X2 elixir. It’s not as time consuming as draft, the players can choose what deck to use, and with the increased elixir production more elixir expensive decks can be used.

This is very sly, tricky, and cunning from Supercell.

The new Diamond Pass only returns 60% the value of the old Gold Pass. To match the value of the old Gold Pass, the Season Shop needs to return a value of 32 Converted Gold per Season Token.
Given the Seasonal Shop pricing, with 101,000 Season Tokens potentially available for Diamond Pass holders,
the maximum Converted Gold per Season Token conversion is a paltry 3.26!

The new Gold Pass only returns 30% the value of the Old Gold Pass. To match the value of the old Gold Pass, the Season Shop needs to return a value of 101 Converted Gold per Season Token.
With 93,500 Season Tokens potentially available for Gold Pass holders, the maximum Converted Gold per Season Token conversion is just 3.40!

And this is assuming, players can actually finish 100% of all the Special Challenges with those unlimited retries. Mind you, these Special Challenges are no longer casual and rewards are back-loaded once again.
We are also discounting the fact that Special Challenge rewards are now lumped into the Seasonal Shop, where they were separate from Pass Royale rewards previously. Let’s not even touch on the fact that casuals (Party Mode and 2v2 players) are locked out from the Chest Cycle, Daily Victory Gold, Crowns and the Pass Royale as well. Massive, massive, massive LOSS for casuals with the Update for Losers.

RoyaleAPI, Alpe123, I suggest you kind folk to revisit the WHERE IS THE GOLD blog post once more, and truly break down the rewards for F2P, P2W, competitive players, and casual (Party, 2v2) players before and after the Update for Losers. It’s a travesty what has happened to this game, and all of us consumers out here are getting shafted heavily, especially the P2W who supported these developers since 2016.

Some people are agreeing that ICE WIZARD should get a BUFF to INCREASE his HEALTH, his DAMAGE, and his SPLASH DAMAGE, and i agree that ROYAL GIANT need a NERF on his DAMAGE but it takes to much DAMAGE for the ELIXIR COST, and i am agreeing on the FLYING MACHINE getting a BUFF on the INCREASING HEALTH and it DAMAGE will be great for the NEXT NEW UPDATE when they are thinking about it if they want to. (i want to make sure they can see it with uppercase letters) if the CREATORS of the CLASH ROYALE and CLASH ROYALE UPDATING agrees with this, then i will allows them to do this NEW UPDATE for JUNE 13, 2023 that will be great thank you.

#1. Ice wizard is fine as he is in the eyes of many. And if he was, there is no reason to change 3 stats (I’ll assume “damage” means spawn damage). ONE stat would have to be increased by around 6%. Also, it would likely be damage because health changes spell interactions

#2. Flying machine is also fine in the eyes of many. It’s not bad, it’s just there are alternatives in most scenarios. Also, like the ice wizard buffs you suggested, only change one stat. Additionally, it would probably be damage. If you increase health, spell interactions would change drastically. It’s supposed to be something that’s tanked for, like the ice wizard. It won’t be taking a 1v1 versus a phoenix, it’s usually just to kill things on defense while they’re targeting the tower or other troops.

#3. You don’t need to capitalize the key points.

#4. Also, updates also happen at the very beginning of months, so it’s unlikely to see a balance change occur on specifically june 13th. And they are in charge of if they use community feedback and when. Sadly, if I say “buff skeleton dragons” and say “you may not use this in the game”, they can still buff skeleton dragons at any point