Ban account

Supercell support team, thank you for your attention to the game rules.
Unfortunately, my account has expired for 31 days.
I am the leader of the clan and I have not committed any wrongdoing.
We live in Iran and the authorities here have filtered the internet
We have to use the filter breaker to enter the game
The filter breaker does not have a fixed IP and shows a region every moment.
And this EP changes our game too.
I have not shared my account, I have only used the filter breaker.
If my account is closed due to the purchase of the golden ticket of the first season, we still have to use another phone in Iran to make the purchase. Because my phone is a Samsung and the purchase can only be made with an iPhone.
I have not done anything wrong
Please help me open my account.

We’re not Supercell support. Please contact in-game support for this matter.