Balance Changes - Clash Royale Season 24 Summer (2021 Q2) Game Client Update

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I am a 2.6 player and this season balance changes are gorgeous.
Nothing else to say.
1:E barbs sight range to 6 now they are soo ez to defend.
2:Cannon will obliterate tanks enemy ram riders, RG or other troops for defence purposes.
3:G skeli was never a problem.
4:For furnace I guess ice spirit is one shot now so it won’t deal with two waves maybe split skeliton deployment on tower will do I will look into it.
Btw love the changes keep it up supercell🥰.

Why Cant They Buff The Heck Out Of the Executioner & Witch

They’ve buffed the Executioner before, but range of the swing was shorter and swing damage was buffed. Because of the bad changes, they reverted to what it is now

The Exe Was A Very Bad Card On launch due to bugs. they made these changes: DMG-6%, Range Shorter By 0.5 tiles for max and min (The Exe Did Get the dmg back, but they did not increase his range)